Saturday 26 May 2012

Video- My Tanning Routine!

Hello again!

As I said in my earlier post I planned to spend today filming some videos, so here is the first and most requested one- my tanning routine! I hope this is helpful and shows you some good ways to get a professional looking tan on a budget...

If you liked it then please do subscribe, rate, comment and request as it makes me very happy...I hope you've all had a great day and are as excited as I am about Eurovision tonight despite the fact we always come last!

Love Meg


  1. Hiya :) Great tanning tips here :) I've been using St.Moriz too, it works out quite well :)
    You're so cute in the video ^^

    1. oh thank you very much! I know, it's such a great budget tan xxx

  2. Aww i love the mini mitt! I want one! :) Love St Moriz its amazing for the price.. I tend to mix it up with my St Tropez as i find it lasts longer but its so good for a quick burst of tan :) Great video yet again meg :)) xx

  3. Thank you for the tanning tips. I just thought about getting a little tan after years of hiding from the sun haha.

  4. This is so helpful, as I am literally HOPELESS at tanning! My shins never tan, and my feet always look diseased! SO this has helped :)



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