Thursday 17 May 2012

OOTD- American Beatle

Hello Lovelies!

I've got a very casual day time outfit post for you tonight that I wore a few days ago to much as I love to dress up I think it's nice to show what you wear when you're not in a dress and heels!

Top- h&m
Shorts- vintage Levi
Tights- Primark
Hi tops- Converse
Nails- Misguided neon orange

I love band tees, so was a very happy bunny when I found this Beatles one in h&m for about £12, I love the design on both the front and back and the fact no one can moan that I'm wearing a t-shirt with a band on that I've never heard of or don't like (I hate when people do that, all I care about is how it looks hahaa) It's also got that nice low cut out arm detail which I love as it makes it a bit more girly. The vintage Levis are a firm new favourite, but the converse are actually an old favourite from literally years ago that I've recently rediscovered and really like wearing with outfits like this as pumps and boots can get a bit boring!

What do you like to wear on casual days? Do you like my very British and American outfit?
Having done my drama performance exam yesterday I've spent the day doing my English essay that's in for next week a.k.a watching Romeo and Juliet for 'research' and wishing Leonardo Dicaprio still looks as dreamy as he did in 1996! I'm off out for a meal at Zizis now though with some uni friends which will be a nice break all the hard work I've done today (a.k.a crying and oggling hahaa) 
Have a good night!
Love Meg


  1. Love this outfit! People that moan about band tees need to get a grip (haha harsh!)... Nice post as always x

  2. One of my friends has that top, it's so cute :)
    the converse are lovely too!xx

  3. It's strange that someone is only prepared to make a negative comment anonymously. If you really believe it, why don't you say who you are?! You look as nice as usual, Meg.

  4. Rosie Cumberlidge17 May 2012 at 20:01

    Wow people are so lovely- would't surprise me if it was Adam disguised as 'Bob' or 'Anonymous' Meg. Well done to those or just the same person who thought it might be funny to write multiple comments on here for fun- 'glitzed up turd' is as 'original' as you claim her outfit to be. Its quite embarrassing that you can be bothered to comment on something you don't even like, such a great use of your time and lovely way to spend your life.

    You look gorgeous Meg, as always.

    Rosie x

  5. This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love the top and shorts so much! casual but very trendy :)
    I've been watching some of your youtube video's I really like them, your make-up always looks so flawless and beautiful!
    love Holz oxo

  6. oh meggy, you're so fine,
    you're so fine, you blow my mind.
    hey meggy. hey meggy.

  7. I like this outfit.. You look great!! X

  8. thanks so much for the lovely comments and support girls, it means a lot and as for the nasty comments which have now been deleted, anyone who takes the time out of their day to make horrible anonymous comments on peoples blogs is just pathetic and I would never tell anyone how to dress, this is just a very casual outfit I wore into uni, I'm not trying to win a fashion award for it. Love you girls for sticking up for me :) xxx

  9. Love this you know! Just a quick question... did you diy these shorts yourself or buy them like this? I have some that are too long, but I'm clueless on ripping and fraying denim! Thanks :)

    Laura xx

  10. oh thank you :) and I bought them like this, but I did diy some jeans into shorts and just cut them with scissors then pulled at the ends so they frayed a bit, just make sure you do it gradually or they can easily go too short, hope that helps :) xxx

    1. Thank you :) will definitely end up with completely different lengths though, I am awful with these things! xx

  11. Love this outfit! I share your appreciation of Leonardo back in the day <3 phwoar! X

  12. Lovely outfit, your Converse are lovely- and I adore your shorts!! XX

  13. you look lovely

  14. Meg your SO damn pretty!!!! I love that beatles shirt, I love the way you've styled it!! I love this outfit so much!!


  15. i love that tee. you look great xx

  16. I love this! You look amazing! I keep trying to do my hair like that and it never works out... it always ends up too smooth and flat :(

    Laura x

  17. Thank you girls, such lovely comments! xxx

  18. nice ourtfit, cool and comfy! like your style and blog, happy to be yoru newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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