Friday 30 September 2011

OOTD- all dolled up for a bit of Pop Tarts!

Hello my lovelies! Today I thought I'd show you what I wore last Saturday night to to my favourite uni club night- Pop Tarts (They play non stop cheese all night- amazing!)...

 Blouse- Primark

Skirt- New Look
Tights- Pretty Polly
Shoes- New Look
Bracelets- New Look
Necklace- H.Samuels  

My sheer pussybow blouse and ribbed body con skirt are two of my most staple wardrobe items, as they go with anything and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. The body con skirt was only about £15 from New Look last year and I'm not sure I could live without it now! 
TOP TIP- If you're wearing a top tucked into a body con skirt, but start to get a bit bloated from drinks or a meal untuck the top as it will glide over your tummy, but the skirt will still give your bum and legs great definition.

I used my fabulous suspender tights to dress up the outfit and make it going out worthy. They were about £8 from Pretty Polly and it was definitely worth paying a few more pounds for Pretty Polly ones, rather than getting the cheaper ones from Primark and New Look, as I think they are much better quality so will last longer. At first, I was a little dubious about wearing them as you have to style them carefully so they look classy and sexy, rather than trashy. I think the key is not having too much of your top half on show which is why I went for quite a high necked top and put a high waisted skirt over the sheer fabric. 
TOP TIP- When putting on and pulling up suspender tights, never pull at the thinner section above the suspender bit, as this ladders very easily. 

To finish dressing up my outfit I wore my black shoe boot peep toe heels, as I don't feel right wearing such dressy outfit with flats, although by the end of the night when my feet were killing me I wished I'd gone for flats!

I kept jewellery nice and simple by wearing my chunky leopard print and gold bangles to break up the black and white a bit and my staple heart necklace, as I've said before that you don't need much more decoration than the bow when you're wearing a pussybow blouse. 

I've realised that I haven't talked much about my make up yet so stay tuned over the next few posts where I'll be correcting that...

What do you think of my outfit? What's your opinion of suspender tights? What's your favourite going out outfit of the moment?

Have a great end of your week everyone!
Love Meg


  1. Giving tip on how to wear things is such a good idea, especially which way you have done it. Lovely outfit =D x

  2. Gorgeous! Love the tights, i have some of them and love them for just casual outfits to jazz them up a bit :)
    You look beauuuutiful!
    Got to love non-stop cheese music too, that's why i love gay nights, Steps and Rihanna all the way!! haha

  3. Wow, I totally love this outfit, it's great. The blouse is amazing and I love, love, love these tights. I like your hair too!

  4. Oooh, you look gorgeous. I am loving the lip color. <3

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. I will definitely have plenty more since I had so much fun doing this one. I just started following your blog also. I can't wait to see more posts from you. :)


  5. aww thanks everyone, you've given me such lovely comments and made my day :) and thanks so much to Jen for becoming a new follower xxx


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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