Thursday 29 September 2011

In Love with Harajuki Lovers perfume...

Good morning lovely people! Welcome to my first ever perfume post...

I tend to get lots of perfume for my birthday and Christmas, which are both in December and then try and make them last throughout the year. Over the summer I had a nightmare as I thought I'd completely run out, but then I got back to uni and remembered I'd left a bottle there for when I got back and what a lovely perfume it is!

It's the Love fragrance from Gwen Stafani's Harajuki Lovers perfume range. If your not familiar with the range it's basically a set of 5 perfumes that each have a different collectable doll on top of the bottle. All the dolls have bright flock hair and are dressed in a certain Japanese style.

I was given Love for Christmas, which according to the website is dressed in a sweet lolita style and has a fruity floral fragrance. The other perfumes available are Lil' angel, G, Music and Baby. I have to say when I first opened the present I was a bit taken aback by the giant doll, but now I know more about the range I think it's such a great idea to get a collectable item with your perfume so you can actually keep it when the perfume is used up, instead of just having lots of empty bottles.

The only negative thing I would say is that because the doll is so big you only get 30ml of actual perfume, which for £20 from boots is a little pricey to just buy for yourself (you can also get 10ml bottles for £13 from boots), but the perfume you do get is gorgeous! It really does have a sweet floral fruity fragrance, which is just the type of smell I like to go for and it keeps me smelling lovely all day. If you want to investigate this collection further check out it's very cool website-

TOP TIP- Make sure you keep your perfume in the box if you have it out on display, as exposure to sunlight will cause it to evaporate and discolour.

Have you got any perfume from this range? Or are you interested now you've read about it?

Love Meg


  1. Hi Meg, I 'Love' the Harajuku Lovers perfumes! I recently purchased 'G of the Sea' and I will be doing a post on it shortly.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  2. I've wanted a Harajuki lovers perfume for ages - after your post, I might actually go and buy myself a bottle. You're right, the collectible doll is a nice touch.

  3. Beauty and Bows- oh lovely, I shall check out your post!

    Lara- Yes do it! I adore mine now and want another one :)


  4. Following back! If I force myself to part with money and buy a bottle, I'll let you know how I like it x

  5. So cute! I really want some of this perfume but the amount of perfume you get is off putting to me, wish they'd do a version with a smaller doll and more perfume, would make more sense!
    Love her purple flock hair haha


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