Wednesday 14 September 2011

OOTD-The best idea ever for buyers on a budget?

Dress- Clothing exchange
Belt- New Look
Socks- Primark
Brogues- ASDA
Necklace- New Look
Bracelets- My Mum's
Hello Lovelies!

We all get to that stage when we're bored of everything in our wardrobe, but payday is too far away to go and splurge on a new outfit...usually I end up buying new clothes anyway and feeling guilty, but this month I decided to satisfy my clothes craving without the guilt. How you may ask? By visiting what is one of the greatest creations ever made for shopaholics on a budget- a clothing exchange! 

This particular one works by selling peoples unwanted quality clothing and giving them half the profits from the sale, allowing you to purchase new items guilt free! The great thing is the shop only accepts good as new items which saves you having to sort through lots of rubbish to find the good stuff. So I took some of my own unwanted clothes in last Monday and found lots of little gems in return, I won't share all of them with you today but my cheapest and best buy was the lovely dress in the photo opposite for only a pound! 

I loved the bold floral print and the way it flatters by nipping in at waist and gliding over the tummy. It was also in top condition and fitted perfectly, plus it works for both summer and winter and both day and night and all for the price of a mcflurry! I coupled it with a tan skinny belt, my staple brogues and new primark ankle socks to give it a really cute girly feel. I then raided my Mum's jewellery box for three matching bracelets and found an old necklace from New Look that I've had forever so overall the new outfit, including shoes, cost me £16.50- not even the price of a top in most places! 

Have you got any shops like this where you are? Or have you found a great budget outfit?

Love Meg


  1. amazing dress for £1!!! Really flatters your figure too, i've never even heard of a clothing exchange, i'm going to have to check if there's one near me haha

  2. I know it was such a good find! I would defiantly recommend that you try to find one and thank you very much that's lovely :) xxx


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