Friday 23 September 2011

NOTD- Gold finger

Hello Lovelies!

Whenever I choose a block colour for my nails I always tend to go for pastel or bright colours, especially coral and barbie pink, so for something a bit different I thought I'd try out the metallic nail trend, because apart from using metallic colours when I do leopard print nails I never wear them. I tried out one of my Mum's gold varnishes from avon to see if I'd like the effect...

I really do love the effect of this nail polish and it only took two coats to become an opaque colour which was great as I think thin and watery metallic colours that don't cover your nails properly don't look very good. I think metallic colours, particularly gold, are really big at the moment because everyone wants to try and achieve that nail foils look at home. It's also a perfect autumnal colour, goes with any outfit and looks rather glamorous, demonstrated perfectly by Rihanna who is wearing gold minx nails-   

So now I think I shall be investing in a range of metallic foil effect nail polishes, as I don't know if I could achieve great results but doing actual foils at home. I've know from reading that Barry M do really good gold and silver foil effect polishes, so I think I'll be checking them out very soon!

What do you think of metallic nails? Have you tried actual foils or any foil effect nail polishes?

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!
Love Meg


  1. gorgeous colour! im loving the gold nail varnish at the mo, still to try foils or minx nails, best take the plunge sometime soon. lovely title name ;)
    Em Xx

  2. aww thanks emma! Yeah it is great but I really want to try foils and minx nails too! xxx

  3. I've just stumbled upon your Blog and I think it's gorgeous!

    Kisses, Melanie

  4. oh why thank you Melanie! I love yours too :) xx

  5. How gorgeous does Rihanna look there! wowww, love her :) I love gold nail varnish, i like the look of it under a black crackle effect varnish too, looks really funky and luxe :)

  6. AngieBeautyBelle- Rihanna looks amazing here! I love her too, oo yes that's such a good idea, I really need to get myself some crackle varnish!

    Antonia-Ivana- So do I! Makes a nice change from bright colours :)



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