Monday 26 September 2011

Washington haul!

Hello Girlies!

My parents went away to Washington for a week just before I came back to uni and I've been meaning to show you what they bought me for ages. I asked them to bring me back lots of American food as I'm obsessed with reeses peanut butter cups amongst other yummy American things, but they also got me two lovely necklaces-

The first one is quite detailed so will be perfect with plainer outfits that need a bit of extra decoration. I love the fact it has four different charms and I particularly love the 3D flower! I think the light pink colour scheme makes it a really pretty girly piece that is a very welcome addition to my jewellery box.

I've worn the second necklace a few times now and it's become one of my favourite pieces, as it seems to go with nearly every outfit I wear. I really love the dainty flower portrait and the gold colour of the chain, as I do prefer gold jewellery. I also love layering my outfits with long dangly necklaces so this was a perfect choice for me.

Okay so oreos have nothing to do with beauty or fashion, but I was so excited when I pulled these out of my Washington goody bag... Oreos are my most favourite biscuit and these are even better as they are triple double ones! Amazing!  
TOP TIP- Smother your oreos in crunchy peanut butter before eating, trust me it's delicious...

What do you think of my Washington goodies? Have you got any lovely new jewellery lately? More importantly, am I the only one that covers oreos in peanut butter? 

Hope you've had a good start of your week! 
Love Meg


  1. Triple double oreo's...oh wowww!! haha, i'm most jealous of them!
    Those necklaces are so sweet though, love the first one, so cute and girly :)

  2. Yummy, i love oreos! :)
    I love the necklaces, they are gorgeous, especially the first one. It's so nice of your parents to get them for you xx

  3. AngieBeautyBelle- I know right! They are too yummy...aww thanks, the first one is very cute :)

    Shannon- hehe me too! Yes it was a lovely little surprise :)


  4. nice goodies haha! In Germany we only have thos "basic" oreos unlike in the USA, so sad! :-D

    I have a giveaway on my blog, maybe you'd like to participate: giveaway!

  5. Oreos are the best!!!!
    Your parents have wonderful taste. Here is the link to your episode..go and promote it now :)

  6. Antonia-Ivana- oh that is sad! and I will defiantly check out your give away :)

    Cat- They do have very good taste! and thanks, I'm very excited!



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