Friday 7 October 2011

NOTD- Mix and Match

Hello again my lovelies!

 Sorry I've been absent for the past week, I'm a very busy bee at the moment as I've just been cast as Adelaide and the Fool in uni productions of Guys and Dolls and King Lear, so I've had lots of rehearsing to do! I've also just got back from spending a few days in London visiting my boyfriend which were lovely...but anyway time to get back on top of my blogging now...

I'm quite OCD about having my toe nails and finger nails painted the same colour, so I found it rather tragic the other day when I didn't have time to re do both! This meant I had to leave my toe nails in their leopard print state, while I painted my finger nails with Rimmel 60 seconds 415 instyle coral...

This coral has to be my most favourite nail colour ever, I got it earlier in the summer and have worn it so much since, as it's girly in a less obvious way than bright pink and goes with any outfit.      

The Rimmel 60 seconds range is my favourite nail polish collection too, as I love how the thick brush really does give you, if not 1 second, then very quick and precise application without the brush stroke marks you can get when using a thinner applicator brush. I have also found that the colours give one coat complete coverage and a finish that lasts a long time, whilst the bottle also lasts a long time considering the £3.69 price tag.

And after taking this picture I've now decided I quite like the funky mix and match effect of having different nail colours going on at the same time... maybe now I'll stretch to painting my actual finger nails different colours too, I've always wanted to try out ombre effect nails, but I don't think I have 5 polishes in similar shades!

What do you think about having toe nails and finger nails different colours? Are you a person that loves using lots of different colours when painting nails? Or do you like to stick with the classic one colour?

Hope you've had a good week!
Love Meg


  1. I always have my toenails and nails painted different colours, mainly because i can never make my mind up on one colour to paint them both! haha far too indecisive! Love the corally pink colour :)

  2. The coral is very beautiful and the leopard toe nails are fierce. I'm like you - I like my nails and toe nails painted in the same colour.

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! that nail colour is to die for!
    I'm a new follower <3 check out my blog sometime -

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Angie- haha I love that, it's very true that using lots of different colour makes choosing much easier!

    Antonia-Ivana- Thanks! I'm glad you like the colours and design :)

    Faye- Aww that's lovely thank you, I will definitely check your blog!


  5. are your toes minx, or did you paint them this way! They look very nice!...for toes! xxxxx


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