Friday 21 October 2011

NOTD- Boots Bargain

Hello girlies,

sorry I've been a bit rubbish at posting this week! I'm having a bit of a manic time at the moment as I have King Lear rehearsals every day on top of all my uni stuff, but I'm definitely going to try and keep on top of my posting a bit more from now on...

Every time I spend over £5 at boots (which is pretty much all the time!) I always get given some sort of voucher. I don't know why but I've never really paid any attention to them before and they've all gone in the bin along with the various other rubbish my purse seems to collect. However, the other day I actually looked at what the voucher was for and as it was for £5 off any No7 products and I had some extra time, I thought I'd actually use it then and there.

I don't normally even look at No7 make up, as it's just a bit far out of my student price range, but with a whole £5 off it would have been a crime not to get something! I went straight for the nail varnishes, as I'm trying to expand my collection at the moment and plus they were only normally £7, meaning I'd be paying just £2 for a high quality polish- what an absolute steal!

After much deliberation (I'm terrible at making quick decisions!) I went for stay perfect nail colour in Foxglove, as I only own one light purple nail polish and I wanted a more plum coloured richer shade.

And I absolutely love it! I normally go for Rimmel varnishes, but I think I've been converted as one coat provides complete coverage, the nice thick brush means you can apply a coat with minimal applications and it lives up to it's stay perfect claim, as it was ages till the first chip appeared. £7 would usually be pushing it in terms of my budget for a nail colour, as Models Own is only a fiver from boots, but with these vouchers I can certainly afford to build up a good No7 collection!

Have you been taking advantage of these No7 vouchers? What's your favourite nail varnish collection? 

I hope you've all had a good week!
Love Meg


  1. oh my gosh, how did i not twig to look at these vouchers sooner??? love no7 nail varnish's, I have soooo many, all really really good, I saw a cute little duck egg blue one the other day, which may have to use my voucher for...
    The shade your wearing is so cute, perfect for autumn xxx

  2. omgosh i'm sooo gonna go into boots, spend over £5 than buy No7 stuff! thanks so much for telling me! :P btw that plum colour looks great on you! :D Xx

  3. I have a £5 off voucher in my purse because i didnt really want anything from no 7, think i might have a look out for this polish though, love the colour of it!

  4. I know right, I can't believe I threw some of these vouchers in the bin without realising how useful they could be! defo get yourselves some of the nail polishes :) xxx

  5. Love this! I have loads of No7 nail varnishes cos of these loverrrrllyyyy No7 vouchers :) They're really good actually!

  6. That's a lovely nail polish color!

  7. Meg how did you not know about these before!? I have like 5 of these in my bag ATM cause I think I've bought all the nail varnishes I like from then with my past vouchers but I'm liking this colour so may have to go have a look :) xxx

  8. Thank you Cassidy! and I honestly don't know Faye- I'm loving them now though lol xxx

  9. hehe I did a post on no7 products too as I've also had sooo many vouchers this time- these nail varnishes are such good quality aren't they, I love the colour you chose :) They've deffo become my favourite nail varnish!
    <3 Holz oxo

  10. Lovely colour Xx

  11. Love Boots products but never have tried their nail polish!
    Great post!

  12. Yes I'm so in love with these polishes now! glad you all like them too xxx


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