Saturday 15 October 2011

Hair hair hair...

Good morning!

I'm doing a bright and early post this morning as I have a King Lear rehearsal all day and then I'm going bowling with the rest of the cast, fun times indeed! Anyway...

One of the main things I wanted to blog about when I started my budget boutique was my hair, as I've changed it a lot over the last few years and so have lots of products and advice to share with you. But first I thought it would be helpful to show you my hair timeline and then my future posts will make more sense...
So hair colour wise I started off blonde when I was young and then it darkened to a mousy brown. I started off with uncontrollable bushy Hermione Granger hair, then when I hit 13 it literally went into corkscrew curls over night (The exact same thing happened to my Dad at 13!). I tried out full fringes, side fringes, no fringe, short curls and long curls and never really liked my curls as I thought they made me look really young, all I ever wanted was poker straight hair!

When I was 17 I suddenly decided I'd had enough of my curls and went for the chop after a few people told me I had the face to pull off a really short style. I went for an asymmetrical style at first, which was cut around the ear on one side and chin length on the other, then just decided to get a full on pixie cut. My hair was much easier to straighten and I got ghd's, so I finally got the straight hair I wanted! This summer however, I started getting bored with having such short hair, as I couldn't do much with it and I had to spend lots of money on salon trips to keep it short all the time. Also getting cast as Oliver in one of Sheffield uni's musicals and the fact my boyfriend always had longer hair than me, made me realise that I wanted more feminine hair. So I started to grow it into a Frankie from the Saturday's asymmetrical cut with a side fringe, chin length side and section behind the ear.

I then thought that my hair looked nicer and much more girly when it was a bit longer, so I decided to grow it long again. I also decided I wanted a colour change, as I was fed up with mousy brown and as I've always wanted my sister's natural blonde hair colour, that's what I went for. However, I didn't do much research into how to go blonde from brown and just tried doing it in one step from a packet and it went a little ginger. I also tried growing out my fringe into a Pixie Lott middle parted bob and started to embrace my curls a bit more again. A few weeks later I dyed it blonde again and it lost the ginger and went a lovely icy pale blonde colour that I really loved and was totally happy with.

However, after a few washes however the colour went into more of a yellow blonde which I didn't like as much and I also tried having a side fringe for a while. I then did lots of research into how to get rid of the yellow and brassy tones in dyed blonde hair and after using purple toning products it went back to the icy blonde I wanted. I decided to go back to the Pixie Lott centre parted bob too, as I liked how it framed my face and it was nice not to have to faff about with a fringe any more (plus it meant saving money on trips to get my fringe cut)!

I'll now be doing lots of posts on the dyes I've used, tips on how to grow hair out, all the products I use to stay blonde and keep my hair in good condition and how to avoid the ginger stage of going blonde without paying salon prices!

Any particular questions you may have please feel free to comment on here or email me, as I know I would have liked to have got some advice before starting to change my hair. Please also let me know any advice you may have on being a bottle blonde or growing hair out, particularly on how to avoid ginger roots when you dye your brown roots blonde (I'll elaborate on this dilemma later!).

Have you had lots of hair changes? Any bad hair cut choices or colouring mistakes? Or have you managed to get your hair perfect every time?

Have a good Saturday my lovelies!
Love Meg


  1. Hey meg it's SJ love the blonde hair I too went blonde on my own. Took me 4 boxes to get the colour I wanted I know the trouble. Great blog btw and hope life is good xxx

  2. Heya! Looking at your pics your hair has grown from strength to strength. You pull of the short bob better than Miss Lott in my opinion =D x

  3. You really pull off short hair! looks lovely.

    Just so you know, i awarded you with the 'liebster blog' award today.
    check it out here;


  4. Hey!! Love your blog, followed ;) please check out my blog and follow back if you like it! :) xx

  5. your gorgeous!!! I love these pics! I wish I could pull off short hair! you have fabulous hair

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. I love ur hair in a pixie cut btw, U look pretty, young, and energetic! xx

  7. Thanks so much everyone, I feel very good about my hair now :) xxx

  8. I love ur hair :) Ur so beautiful. Short hair fits u so well :)i will follow ur blog ^^


  9. oh thank you Cantarella! I will check out your blog too :) xxx

  10. Your hair is gorgeous in the Pixie Lott style! Love the colour too!

    Em xx

  11. Oh thank you! It's quite a pain to maintain the blonde but it's getting easier :) xxx

  12. awwwww I love the blonde hair, looks great on you! I had hair nightmares constantly until 6 months ago (got red mid length hair with a sweeping fringe, best thing i ever did!) my worst hair nightmare though was this: 2 days before I started Uni, I went to the hairdressers and asked for a long shaggy bob with a sweeping fringe...the hairdresser gave me a blunt fringe, and cut my hair so it hung at above my jaw line, straight the whole way was awful i looked like i had sci-fi lego hair, plus i have a round face so it was not a good look, or a good way to introduce myself to everyone at uni :P xxx

  13. I love your hair short, it suits you so much!

    I'm new to this, if you could check out my blog I'd really appreciate it :)

    Sam. xoxox


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