Monday 17 October 2011

Review- Garnier summerbody moisturising lotion

Hello Lovelies!

As we're in the middle of October now and the season of sun bathing is well and truly over for another year, I thought it was very appropriate to start blogging about my favourite way to keep up your summer tan in the winter months. I'd tried a few different sorts of tanning products before (which I will go into more detail about in future posts) and found I preferred gradual rather than instant products, but had still never found one that gave me the results I wanted and so for a long while hadn't bothered with any sort of fake tanning. However, after coming back from Lanzarote this summer with my boyfriend, I decided I liked my tan so much I wanted to find a good way to keep it up...

Even if you can't see my Lanzarote tan very well in this photo, I thought I'd show you my gorgeous River Island maxi dress anyway :) 
...and I definitely have found that good way in the form of Garnier summerbody moisturising lotion!

My friend Faye, who writes the fabulous, recommended this product to me back at the end of July, so I went out and bought a big 400ml bottle in the 'deep sunkissed look' shade while it was half price in Superdrug and I've been hooked ever since... 

Boots describe it as, 'A moisturising lotion for a sun-kissed look, with natural extract of Apricot. Effective 12 hour moisturisation which gradually builds a tan.' It's available in both light or deep sun kissed looks and it's £5.10 for 250ml or £7.15 for 400ml from Boots.

  • It gives you a really noticeable, yet natural looking sun kissed tan.
  • Because it is a gradual tanning product, you do not get the orange or fake look.
  • It has a more pleasant and less noticeable scent than other gradual tanning products. 
  • The actual lotion has a very nice, light and silky consistency that doesn't make your skin feel too smothered in product.
  •  It is easy to apply and you don't need a tanning mit.
  • It is great value for money, as it really works and I'm still going from the bottle I bought in July.
  • It keeps skin hydrated and moisturised all day, so works as two products in one.
  • If you use too much or forget to wash your hands after using it, it is quite easy to wash off.
  • Because of the subtle build up you don't get obvious uneven or streaky tan lines.
  • Because it is available in two different shades it is easy to match your skin tone.
  • If you apply too much lotion or use it too often your skin can develop quite a strong scent.
  • Over use can result in product build up in certain areas that can cause a slightly uneven looking tan.

I now use it roughly every other day and never put it on without showering first, as when I used it every day and sometimes put it on unshowered skin to try and top up my tan even more, I noticed product and scent build up in certain areas. Apart from that though I'm blown away by this fabulous tanning lotion and I'd definitely give it a 9 out of 10! 

TOP TIPS-  Do remember to wash your hands after using it, particularly in-between your fingers, as I forgot to wash my hands after using it once and it looked like I had a very odd uneven hand colour, but it washed off in about 2 days so it's fine and I haven't forgotten since! 
-I would also suggest that you go for the deep sun kissed look, as I think the light one would be too subtle and you wouldn't notice much of a difference, but saying that I have been using it to sustain quite a deep holiday tan, so I think which shade you go for is quite a personal preference. 

What do you use to give you that sun kissed look all year round? Do you prefer gradual or instant tanning products? Or do you go for the natural paler English rose look?

I hope you've all had lovely weekends!
Love Meg


  1. this product looks kinda perfect for me now my summer tan has died!! :(
    you look stunning! I love that dress sooo much!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Love your dress! I <3 being tanned, i'm a hardcore tanner though, i always overdo it, i look like a member of TOWIE!! haha

  3. Aww thanks for tagging me :) love this post, glad you still like the moisturiser :) woo! Xxx

  4. I can never decide on tanning products. I'm ginger so I'm really pale and I can never find one that im totally happy with because at some stage they always seem to look patchy or unatural. I prefer bronzers but in the good old British weather you can't really rely on them either! Maybe I should just embrace my paleness xxx

  5. I prefer gradual build up products like that one so I'm going to give it a try at saome point great post! x

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments girlies! Do give the product a try- you won't regret it :) And I love that your a hardcore tanner Angie, who knows, maybe I'll become one soon too! xxx

  7. I love love love this tan, its by far the best gradual tanner i've used :)xo

  8. Yes it really is isn't it, I'm glad you agree :) xxx

  9. I love reading blogs from people from around the world! I don't think I've ever seen this product anywhere in the US! Great post! I love being tan too! ♥

  10. aww I'm glad Brittany, I will check out your blog too! xxx


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