Friday 17 May 2013

Topshop products without the price tag: Primark dupes

Hello Lovelies!

As a budget beauty blogger I'm always trying to hunt down affordable drugstore dupes for high end make up brands, however it occurred to me recently I should start doing this with clothes too. So yesterday before I spent my pounds in Topshop, I hunted down almost exact dupes of the staple items I wanted in Primark for only pennies!

The Topshop staples...

And the Primark dupes...

1. The Crop Top
Topshop £10 / Primark £3

2. The Neppy Tee
Topshop £12 / Primark £4

3. The Ankle Socks
Topshop £3.50 / Primark £1.50

4. The Boyfriend Tee
Topshop £12 / Primark £3.50

I was literally so happy to find all of these things as I'd been eyeing them up in Topshop for so long but got pretty much all the Primark things for the price of one Topshop item! They may not be of the exact same quality but for a strapped for cash student who likes to wear things that are likely to be out of fashion by next week these good dupes are perfect and I'll be able to create so many different outfits with them, so what are you waiting for... get down to Primarni!

Have you found any dupes in Primark lately?

Today has been another uni work filled 12 hours, but I'm off for dinner with my housemates tonight and tomorrow I'm hosting a Eurovision party (literally love a good European musical cheese fest) so at least I have some exciting things to get me through this final third year push! I hope you all have a lovely start to your weekend :)

Love Meg


  1. i need to dedicate a whole day to really go through primark and find these bargains! its so big i dont really look i just walk around and see what jumps out! i have wanted some topshop neppy tees so will defo get the primark ones! x

  2. Love this post!
    I have bought two lace crops from primark recently which are exactly the same as the topshop ones!!

  3. I just love everything in Primark. All of their styles are fab, and so cheap too.. especially those cute socks! xx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Every time I go to Primark I feel like I just have to buy everything because it's so insanely cheap and they have some great products!


  5. Fab post lovely! Primark have so many amazing Topshop copies! I just posted a Primark haul and you'd think most of if was from Topshop!! Xx.

  6. Love the socks definitely going to be picking up some of the in primark.

    Pipp xx

  7. wow, such a great post! I love Primark so much, I'd rather spend like half the price on something as Topshop is ridiculous!! xxx

  8. Definietly picking up some of those frilly socks, although £3.50 from topshop is pretty darn reasonable! (tbf, my feet are tiny & I've been known to buy kids size 10-2 socks before ;))

    Kerys -xo
    Little Bo Blab

  9. I have 3 boyfriend tees and I flippin' loveee them! They wash so well! I was so close to picking up the frilly socks earlier in black - wish I had! xx

  10. Love primark, i think there quality has gotten so much better over the last couple years :D

  11. Great idea for a post :) I wish we had Primark here!
    Following you now too :D


  12. Omg this post is so great! Thank you :) you just got a new follower! I bought 2 of the topshop cropped tees for £10, then went to primark and was so annoyed to see them for £3. I got some different colours and honestly cant even tell a difference in quality, sometimes primark is so good!


  13. I have bought every single one of these, in the Primark versions! :)

  14. Hello Meg. Thanks for following me I really appreciate it. Just followed you back.

    This post will definitely help me save my pennies. I am soon to be a student so shall definitely keep popping bye!

    Hope to hear again from you soon xx

  15. Amazing post! So gonna stock up on those socks xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  16. this is such a great post :) i once found a dupe for a miss selfridge dress in primark...score!
    following you now so I can keep an eye out for bargains! x

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