Monday 20 May 2013

The New Product: Bourjois Cream Blush in 'Healthy Glow'

Hello Lovelies!

Unless you've been hiding under a makeupless rock for the past month and I really hope you haven't, then you'll have heard about the new much hyped release from Bourjois (literally they are on fire with their new products at the moment!) which are the Bourjois cream blushes. When I first heard about these I got a tad overexcited as I just adore cream products, particularly of the blush variety, so the day of release I was standing in Boots like a crazy woman ready to spend my hard earned boots points on what is in my opinion the stand out shade, 'Healthy Glow'. 

Bourjous Cream Blushes are £7.99  from Boots
The packaging alone is enough to make you want to buy this product, as it's a super cute take on the iconic Bourjois little round pot blush that is celebrating its 150 years and I love how the compact is colour coded to match the shade inside and also contains a little mirror. I did like the other three shades available which were  'nude velvet' (light pink), 'rose tender' (rosy pink) and 'sweet cherry' (dark pink), but as I hardly ever reach for make up that doesn't have a peach or coral tone I had to go for 'Healthy Glow', the most gorgeous orange toned apricot colour that is pretty perfect in my opinion. The product has a cream to powder consistency so is really easy to work with and blends seamlessly into the cheeks using my Real Techniques stippling brush although I imagine it would also work well just using fingers. Unlike the little round pot blushes, the pigmentation of these is amazing and once the product is applied it gives you such a gorgeous dewy glow that really brightens the face and lasts all day. So as you can probably tell I can't recommend this blush enough and really cannot wait to wear it over the summer months teamed with a nice natural tan (we can dream can't we). At £7.99 the price tag is reasonable enough too, but you can grab this for £6.99 at Boots right now or head to Superdrug and get one as part of the 3 for 2 offer they have on. Any excuse to buy more unnecessary make up.

Have you given into the hype and bought a Bourjois cream blush yet?

I've just been in rehearsals for our theatre practical today where I spent most of my time dressed as a Princess rolling around in cake and jam. I do love my degree sometimes. In other news I'm gradually progressing through the shred and need to do day 5 tonight as holiday body panic has hit, literally dreaming of the moment I'm on a beach drinking cocktails rather than in the library writing essays...

I hope you're all having a much more exciting time!
Love Meg


  1. I have this shade too. Love love love it xx

  2. The colour looks so nice, I can't wait to try these blushes :) xx

  3. I love the powdered bourjois blushes - I have to try this!!


  4. I nearly bought this shade at the weekend, but I think it's so small for £8 :( Hopefully the pan's quite deep! I might pick it up in the Superdrug 3 for 2, won't seem as much money then haha :) It's such a beautiful shade! xx

  5. This blusher is such a pretty shade!!

    Kimberley x

  6. I really need to go pick this up, in this particular shade too! It sounds so fab and the colour looks perfect!
    Megan xxx

  7. These blushes are pretty exciting, definitely want to try one. Love cream blushes :) x

  8. The blusher shade you picked looks gorgeous! I think that i'll have to pick this up in Superdrug's 3 for 2...

    Bea xxx

  9. This looks beautiful! I have so many cream blushes that are a similar shade to this so I can't justify it x

  10. I can't wait to get one of these! xxx

  11. Bet this looks amazing on you! Definitely going to pick one up soon, the lasting power sounds fab - would be great to layer under powder blushes to make them last longer.


  12. I really want to try these, the colour looks perfect xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  13. This is gorgeous, I need to try one :) x

  14. I love reading your posts! Your excitement makes me want to go buy the rouge :)


  15. I have number one and I absolutely adore it! x

  16. I've been eyeing up nude velvet but this one looks gorgeous too! X

  17. Hi Meg - just came across your blog and love it :) have followed you using GFC and on Twitter!

    I'm new to blogging and am also writing a 'budget' beauty and fashion blog, would love if you could check it out! > Beauty and the Bargain

    Melissa x

  18. I want to try these so badly, I've seen so many rave reviews already! I've never really tried a cream blusher, not sure I'd know how to apply it :/
    Love Holly x

  19. that looks so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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