Sunday 3 March 2013

Go Glam or Go Home: Miss Flicklash false lashes

Good Evening Girlies!

Even though right now I'm snuggled up in my PJ's ready to catch up on the results show of dancing on ice, I am rather partial to a good night out as I love nothing more than getting all dolled up and having a boogy (and a few drinks of course, but we'll save my new found love for tequila shots and skittle bombs for another time). One of the best things about going out has to be the make up, when else can you adorn a poppy lip and false lashes like there's no tomorrow? Just like these gorgeous and glamorous lashes from Miss Flicklash*...

Miss Flicklash False Lashes | £9.99 from Eyesbright

These lashes are pretty much as glam as you can go as they come with a glittery eyeliner flick attached, which is great as it means you don't have to spend ages trying to blend in the line between your fake lashes and your eye lid with tricky liquid liner. This flick also has a sticky coating making these so easy to apply and by far the securest fake lashes I've tried, as you can still use the glue that comes with them to make them even more long lasting. The lashes themselves are certainly of the statement variety as they are very full and long and I have to admit they're a little too heavy for my liking, but they do look lovely paired with a simple nude lip or little black dress and I shall be keeping them close to hand for when I'm going on one of those 'out out' like really 'out' type nights. Even though they may seem a little pricey at £9.99 for one pair from eyesbright you can definitely get a good few uses out of them. Well, as long as you don't rip them off when you get in at 3 in the morning and manage to tread them into the carpet the next day, yes this may have happened to me a few times! What are your favourite false lashes?

After having a very busy time being out and about last week I've just had a lovely chilled out weekend with my boyfriend at home, which mainly consisted of eating too much chocolate and watching films like Argo (which is amazing!) and paranormal activity 4 (hmm, not quite so good),  back to business at uni tomorrow though... I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Love Meg


  1. These look so gorgeous! Thank you so much for your comment/follow on my blog.. I've followed you back lovely xxx

  2. Wow these sound & look promising to wear on a night out :) i hate trying to fill in the blanks between the eyelashes grr might have to buy & try these for my next night out i go on ;) & that's my fave part of a night out getting all dolled up & having a few wee cocktails too hehe ;) xxx


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