Tuesday 5 March 2013

Soap and Glory Shower Staples

Hey Girls!

I don't think there's a single beauty blogger around that isn't at least a little bit in love with Soap and Glory, from its pretty pink retro packaging and funny names to its incredible scents and huge range of products, it's just an amazing brand. And all from a drugstore! Well, due to all the S&G lovin going on at the moment I thought I'd do a couple of features on my staple Soap and Glory products, starting with the ones I ask to join me in the shower (lucky things)...

Soap and Glory travel size products | £2.50 from Boots.
Scrub your nose in it
Scrub your nose in it is, as you would imagine, a facial scrub made especially for those pesky pores that pop up on your nose and other areas of your face. But what makes this scrub so special is that it doesn't stop there, oh no, as if pore refining wasn't enough it also helps to prevent blemishes and leaves your skin looking bright and radiant. Miracle product or what? This is also great for sensitive skin types as the micro abrasive beads within it are very small and gentle so you don't feel like you're actually scrubbing your face away when using it, which is obviously not something I would recommend doing. I use a small amount of this product every other day and really feel it helps keep my face clear and clarified, sadly it does smell slightly odd and minty but it's not a scent that stays once you've washed it away.
Flake away
This little pink pot has to be my favourite body scrub of all time. It's a spa strength smoothing dry skin body scrub that contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. If those ingredients  aren't enough to make you want to go out and buy this (and probably want to eat it a little bit too) then I can also confirm it does an amazing job of smoothing out the skin, ridding it of any dry patches and making your body a perfectly even surface for tanning and any other lotions and potions you might like to put on it. Just like the facial scrub this isn't too harsh on the skin either, so you don't run the risk of looking like you've attacked yourself with a brilo pad after using it. Again brilo pads are not something I'd recommend, I don't care how cost effective they might be!
Clean on me
As it says on the bottle this is a creamy clarifying shower gel. There's not much to say about this product apart from it lathers up in a gorgeous frothy way and smells divine, just like the Righteous Butter which I think contains shea butter and aloe vera. Never content with just making you clean, Soap and Glory claims this product also contains a built in body lotion that leaves your skin silky smooth and I do notice my skin feels extra moisturised and lovely after using this with my luffette every time I shower. My only qualm is that the bottle design makes the actual product quite hard to get out as you just have to kind of tip it and wait for the gel to run down, but it's a small price to pay to smell like sunshine and marshmallows all day.

As you can see I have all travel sized products as I'm always on the go between home, my boyfriend's and uni so these are super convenient for me and also last a surprisingly long time considering they're only £2.50 a pop! I'll be uploading a Boots beauty haul video tomorrow featuring some of my top S&G handbag products so you can click here to subscribe to my channel if you want to see that. What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?

I've had a nice day enjoying the sunshine and Spring weather at uni (I also tried jacket potato cheese and bean soup, how amazing!) and now I'm having my friend round for dinner before going to see a uni production of one of my favourite musicals, The Last 5 Years. I think I need to treasure these last few months of being a student as life might not be quite so leisurely come September! I hope you're all having a great week!

Love Meg


  1. I love Scrub Your Nose In It, didn't know they did minis though, now I can get one for travelling x

  2. The minis are so handy and a lot more affordable for first trying out each product! scrub your nose in it looks amazing, I may have to give it a try :)
    I love clean on me, I just can't deny that I'm kind of in love with S&G!


  3. I love clean on me it smells amazing x

  4. I love clean on me, one of my all time favourite showergels! x


  5. I adore all of these products, Soap & Glory is my fave xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. I love soap and glory, I've never tried any of the facial products though!
    Hollie xx

  7. I admit that I'm a Soap & Glory addict. "Flake Away" is my favorite body scrub as well. The smooth feeling it leaves on the skin - it's heaven!


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