Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Bathroom Tour

Say hello to my very own new bathroom which I've become the proud owner of since moving to my new flat. It's weird how much I've enjoyed organising all my products and adding a few touches to make it pretty- it's like a nice little extension of my bedroom (excluding the excessive amount of water and toilet cleaner!) so tonight I thought I'd share it with you in both photo and video form and I'd love to know what you think of it/ what products you're loving at bath time right now? In other non-bathroom related news I've got an exciting couple of days coming up as I'm working a Grazia event at the Carnaby Boutique tomorrow and going to a gig with the boyf on Friday- I'm also currently rocking my bobble hat on the Primark homepage which is pretty surreal but super exciting! I hope you've all got nice plans coming up too :)

How do you beautify your bathroom? 


  1. Omg. Do you live in England? You must. Your bathroom is so gorgeous. Is that weird? Haha. American bathrooms are so plain!
    Love that little ledge next to the sink that you have your candle.


    Shree |

  2. OMG *O* So much Soap & Glory...I love this brand but unfortunately we don't have most of the things in Germany...especially the Scrub your nose in it went out of sale a few months ago T^T But anyways, your bathroom is really nice...especially the big bath tub...I only have a shower so I am kinda envying you right now ;)

  3. I think you have the nicest bathroom I've ever seen in my life!

    We're moving to our new house soon and the bathroom there is quite small and pokey. God knows where I'm gonna keep all my stuff!! Lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Your bathroom looks amazing :) x

  5. I love your bathroom, Meg, especially the towel rack. I don't use plenty of towels, but I guess I can use that when I have to bring some clothes in. Anyway, thanks for the tour! I can imagine how your whole house looks like. I bet the interiors of your other rooms are as cool as the design in your bathroom. :)

    Ryann Hoyer @

  6. Hooray for your pretty bathroom! You've done a great job in decorating and organizing stuff here. I'll be keeping a copy of your photos and use them as inspiration for my master bath. We're still working on its construction and I'm sure it will look more cozy when it'll be as organized as your bathroom. Thanks for the share! :)

    Shirly Patillo @

  7. Your bathroom looks just like one in a hotel! You've made it look extremely cosy and homely though and it looks great :) x

  8. Organization is a tricky task, and you've done a great job with your bathroom. While others prefer cabinets, using racks is the best option for hanging towels and clothes. Others also have soap dishes attached to their walls. Thanks for the bathroom tour, Meg! Do keep us updated about your cozy home. :)

    Toby Almy @ TittleBrothers

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