Sunday 17 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Polish Picks

As the seasons change, so do the shades that adorn our talons and as the world is basically already in full Christmas swing (I've just spent the weekend in London being surrounded by Christmas lights, gingerbread lattes and reindeer jumpers!) I thought it was definitely time for me to show you my autumn/winter polish picks for 2013...

Company 'Mint Green' / First up we have a bit of a surprising choice from me as I usually reserve mint green colours for spring, but this shade has a bit of a deeper Christmas tree vibe to it which I love. Plus it makes a nice change to all the dark colours I usually opt for this time of year. It also came free with this month's Company mag!
Models Own 'Snowflakes' / The most wintery pick of the polish bunch comes in the form of this gorgeous holographic glitter top coat which adds little shimmery snowflakes to your nails making it a super cute addition to any icy pastels. The formula is a little hard to work with but the snow flake effect is totally worth it!
Models Own 'Utopia' / All hail the perfect winter pastel- this lilac toned off white is like Essie 'Fiji' for the colder months and the formula is incredible as well- one quick drying coat and you're done! I can see why this is Lily Melrose's favourite polish ever and I'm getting a bit addicted to wearing this with 'snowflakes' layered over the top. 
Barry M Matte 'Crush'/ Going back to the dark side now with this stunning new release from Barry M. Not only is 'Crush' the perfect vampy berry shade but it also comes in the formula trend of this season- matte. As a glossy dewy kinda gal I'm surprised at how much I like this finish and I'm even exploring more matte products for my face now! Millie Mac will not be pleased...
No.7 'Beautifully Black' / This nail varnish has been a firm favourite of mine for two years now as I love a good grunge nail at this time of year. The best part about this polish is the glitter particles that run through it and glossy formula which both prevent you from looking like a teenage goth whilst wearing it. Always a plus.

What are your current polish picks? 


  1. That Snowflakes polish looks so pretty! How easy to remove is it? I don't think my poor nails can take another glitter polish anytime soon! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

  2. Loving the red! So pretty for the holidays.

  3. ooh i didn't realise that their was a berry matt polish in the barry m range!will have to check that out!i got that polish free with company magazine too!:)xxx

  4. Awww that totally made me want to go to London right now!
    I like my nails dark during A/W months, loving OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and OPI Visions of Love at the moment :) xx

  5. the snowflakes polish looks perfect!

  6. Wow lovely choices! I want them all ha xxx


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