Saturday 9 November 2013

Saturday Brunch: The Refectory Kitchen

There's nothing I love more than a lazy Saturday morning mooching around town and brunching at a local cute cafe. But when you're not in London with a Breakfast Club around every corner it's hard to know where to go, so today I thought I'd give a little spotlight to an adorable place I found with my Mum in Canterbury last week- the Refectory Kitchen. Canterbury is one of my favourite places in Kent anyway as it's got loads of history and old quirky buildings so it's no wonder we found this little gem tucked away at 16 St Dunstan's Street. The d├ęcor is of the vintage shabby chic variety (which we all know most bloggers can't get enough of), the staff are really nice and the menu is amazing. I was going to go for pancakes or french toast with bacon and maple syrup, but I changed my mind last minute to the roasted beetroot and butternut squash salad as I'd been eating a lot of sweet stuff at work (Oh the food perils of multiple baby showers!). My Mum went for the grilled halloumi and roasted vegetable sandwich with some chips and both meals were delicious, not to mention incredibly purse friendly. My peach and green tea was also so good I've become obsessed with tracking it down in Chelmsford! We decided to have pudding a little later in the day but I need to go back soon just to try those incredible looking homemade counter cakes...I hope you've enjoyed today's different sort of post, I do like putting a bit of lifestyle into my blog as I can't get enough of it on blogs like Hello October. My lifestyle today is not quite as quaint however, as I'm off to a house party in London for my friend's birthday. Once I've bought some tequila and lemon that is...

Where do you like to go for brunch?


  1. I love venturing out to new places and this looks lovely. I probably wouldn't have gone for salad for brunch in this cold weather though it does sound nice ;) X

  2. looks like a lovely place :)


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