Saturday 24 November 2012

Once you go MAC do you go back? MAC 'Hue' lipstick

Hello Girlies!

As most of you probably know being a student I don't have the most money in the world, hence why my 'boutique' is of the budget variety. Because of this it's taken me a rather long time to cave into the lure of the MAC counters I spend such a long time lusting over. However, when I got shortlisted for 'best newcomer' at the Cosmo Blog Awards earlier this year I knew I couldn't just carry any old lipstick with me in my newly purchased clutch bag, so decided it was time to invest in my first MAC lippy. As they come in at a rather expensive £14 a pop I wanted to make sure it was one I would get loads of use out of so went for the greatly hyped classic pinky nude, 'Hue'. But now I've dipped my toes into the beautifully packaged gorgeous smelling MAC waters will I want to go back to my trusty drugstore brands? 

'Hue' is one of MAC's best sellers as well as a firm favourite amongst so many beauty bloggers and after trying it out for myself over the past two months I can totally see why. It has a glaze formula so whilst it's not the most pigmented of lipsticks it does come with a super moisturising glossy sheen that allows it to glide onto the lips with the easiest of applications. Once the gloss wears off it also leaves a nice subtle stain of colour that will get you through until you next top up. The colour itself is possibly the perfect pinky nude, enough colour for you to wear it on a night out but subtle enough to be suitable for the most casual of occasions and I'm pretty sure no matter how dark your skin tone is this will never be pale enough to create the dreaded concealer lips effect I have nightmares about. As with all MAC lipsticks this also smells so incredible that I'd quite like to eat it (although that would undoubtedly be a rather unsatisfying and expensive meal) and the packaging is so sleek and classy it would fit in to the most made in chelsea like of occasions. You can sort of see it in action in this photo of the blog awards which made it into the digital edition of Cosmo and since then it has definitely become a firm favourite of mine for whenever I'm wearing a smokey eye or natural make up look. My only gripe with this lipstick is probably how much you need to top up due to the glossy formula and low pigmentation and also the way it can cling to dry patches on the lips when the rest has worn off, but that being said it will certainly have pride of place in my make up bag for many years to come!
So once you go MAC do you go back? Yes I think you do, mainly because the price tag is hard to justify, but also because I've found drugstore lipsticks that I love just as much for only £2, for example I still wear my beloved Natural Collection 'Rose Petal' all the time as it's just like 'hue' only more pigmented and peachy without the lovely smell and packaging. So I think for girls like me a mixture of drugstore and high end is perfect :)

I'm sorry for not blogging more so far this month but the past two weeks have been so busy and stressful  that I'm just very happy they're over and I've got exciting things like my birthday and Christmas to look forward to now. Saying that I did have a really lovely night in last night with my friends, a take away, several glasses of Prosecco and some trashy tele. It's more of the same for this weekend now too as I haven't actually left my Christmas onesie yet...oops!

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone!
Love Meg


  1. I have that shade. It's such a lovely colour but I totally know what you mean about the price compare to other high street lipsticks.

    The shade looks lovely on you :)


  2. I just purchased a ton of MAC & I have been using it so much lately. Definitely love it!

  3. This was my first MAC lipstick too, I love it. The formula is great and the colour is perfect for everyday!

  4. I'm completely addicted to MAC's lipsticks! Once I bought one, that was it, I needed them all! :) x

  5. I want to try a Mac lipstick soooo badly!! It's my birthday this week, me and my boyfriend are going to London for it and I think I've convinced him that getting me some Mac make-up up in London is a good idea hehe :P This is just the kind of shade I'm wanting so I'm really pleased you posted this :D
    I'm still in love with the rose petal natural collection one which I bought under your recommendation, so hopefully I'll like this one too :)
    Love Holly x

  6. haha I was laughing at your title when I saw it.. I am addicted to mac and the title on this post screamed at me lol

  7. Hue is my favourite shade of MAC lippie! My boyf actually picked it for me (I was well impressed), it also smells so good.

    The Style Rawr!

  8. I have Hue! er.. I had it until I lost it somewhere in my room. lol. It's a nice shade though. I have a few MAC lipsticks, but I'm not too big on the scent D:

  9. Thankyou so much for following my blog I'm following yours now! I love it, Hue was my first MAC lipstick and it's still my favourite! XO

  10. It's such a gorgeous colour, although it does look different swatched than the actual lipstick, but I prefer that colour anyway! It looks so pretty on you. xo

  11. Love the playsuit in your photo, and i agree i think its nice to have a mixture of high-end and high-street :)

  12. You look gorgeous that playsuit is lovely, sounds like a good lipstick a lot of bloggers clearly love it!

  13. That looks like a lovely colour! Ive never tried it, all my MACs are bold colours but Id give this a go! And that playsuit is really cute! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  14. This is such a classic MAC shade, I love their lipsticks :) I tried Hue and it looked a bit too nude on my lips, so I went with Creme Cup instead. But it looks gorgeous on you!

  15. This is a lovely colour, I've never brought a mac lipstick mainly because I'm scared that i'll get addicted to them! X

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    P.S Please don't eat it.

  16. love your look and the last photo! glamarous!

    check my blog

    if you like it, lets follow each other!

    great day to you!!


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