Thursday 1 November 2012

Next Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Press Day

Hello Lovelies!

If you read my last post then you'll know that yesterday I attended the Next Spring/Summer Press Day in London where they showcased the new clothes, shoes and accessories they'll be releasing next year, along with some gorgeous home wear and beauty bits. I was actually so impressed by the trends and pieces they have in store for us so wanted to show you a few of my favourite photos from the event to give you an idea of what you'll be wearing once the jumpers and boots are put away for another year...

I'm going to focus on the women's fashion collection because I'm guessing that's what most of you will be interested in...The key trends I noticed that will be sticking around until next year from this season are metallics and peplums and they had some amazing silver Chelsea boots that I'm dying to get my hands on now! The usual Spring and Summer trends of candy pastels and neon brights will be reappearing as you can see from the colourful clothes rail and also smart nautical themed wear such as the nice navy striped dress and blazer in the second photo. Florals were also a big focus with bold flowery statement outfits such as the suits next to Mr Buddha (how much fun is he!) and the floral patterns were just as bold and bright on the shoes. Another statement shoe that popped up quite a lot was the flatform. These shoes have taken a bit of a back seat since entering into the fashion world this summer, but it looks like they'll be making a more main stream appearance next year with wearable chunky sandal designs. In my opinion the thing Next does best is work wear and the 2013 collection is no exception as it's smart but still fashionable in classic monochrome colours including some really nice lace detailing. Work wear is also great for the men next year with lots of sharp suits jazzed up with paisley print shirts, cravats and ties. On the casual side for men it's also all about the snazzy patterns (do people still say snazzy?), of which the tropical shirt and stripey detailing on the mannequins above is a prime example, showing you don't have to play it safe just because you're male! The children's section used lots of these adult trends but in such a cute way and I really wished I had a little niece or someone to buy tiny dresses for. All of the home wear displays were gorgeous too, particularly the country kitchen and girly butterfly collections and it really made me want my own house so I could decorate it, what exciting dreams I have... 

Overall I loved the collections and had such a fun time at the actual event feeling all posh eating little sandwiches and mini ice creams and also got a rather lovely goody bag with an amazing studded clutch bag and other things inside. After the press day I had a little mooch and swatching session around the make up counters in Oxford Street and then my Boyfriend took me for dinner at Meat Liquor which was so yummy. If you fancy going I'd recommend you go early at about half five or six to avoid queuing and get the peanut butter cup sundae for pudding! I'm hopefully going to burn all those calories off tonight though as I'm doing a 13 mile sponsored walk in the Peak District. So think of me tonight while I'm freezing cold with blisters on my feet and miles left to walk, the fact it's for charity makes it all worth it though. Well that and the pie, chips and fireworks at the end...

Have a lovely evening everyone!
Love Meg


  1. I think Next is a bit of a hidden many people assume its just somewhere your mum/grandma shop when they actually have some really good stuff!xx

    check out my blog, I'm new!

  2. Good luck with the walk :)! The homewaren looks really cute. Next do really good workwear! It's nice to know their 2013 stuff still looks good :)

    Robyn Mayday

  3. Aww the Spring/Summer stuff for Next looks amazing, especially the homeware, love finding hidden gems in there for fraction of the price :)

    sounds like you had a nice evening with your boyfriend to finish off a really good night :)


  4. i love the flowery bag and all the homewear bits!
    can't wait for it to all come out!
    hope you're well
    laura xx

  5. love the blazers :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

  6. Looks like a great press day, I love all the summer brights - especially the trousers, hope you had a fab day x

  7. I really like Jacket collections it look awesome......Thank for sharing.Workwear

  8. Oooo they have some fab peices. I am not keen on the flower bag but adore the floral wedges!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  9. Great photos in this post, love the shoes! Looks like it was a lovely day xx

  10. I'm really loving Next at the minute, I just bought a gorgeous peplum top from there.

    I'm now following you :)


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