Thursday 15 December 2011

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Range

Good Afternoon Girlies!

Today I thought I'd do a review for you on the topic I've tried the most products for, but have so far not written about- hair! I think because I've tried so many hair products I didn't know where to start, so today I've decided I'm going to start with the first range of hair products I tried when I first went blonde- the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Range...

I'm afraid I couldn't take my own photos as I no longer own the products (I will explain why later). Now before reading this review it may be helpful to read my post as it will give you the background on my hair, but basically the first time I dyed my hair from light brown to blonde in the summer it went a dark blonde gingery colour but what I wanted was a light ash blonde like Molly's hair colour from the Saturdays-

So I invested in the shampoo, conditioner and lightening spray from the the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder range in the hope that they would lighten my colour.  

This is the description for the shampoo and conditioner...  

'Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner gradually lighten blonde hair for a year-round sun-kissed look while restoring moisture and healthy softness.
The formula, containing a natural Lightening Complex,gently reduces the colour pigments in the hair.
Gentle enough for daily use.
Ammonia and peroxide-free.
For all shades of natural, colour-treated or highlighted blonde hair'

and this is the description of the lightening spray...

'Versatile, patent-pending formula with citrus and chamomile works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. 
Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening. 
Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses.'

I used all three products every time I washed my hair for about a month and here is my pros and cons list of my experience of their effect on my coloured blonde hair-

  • The shampoo and conditioner had a nice consistency that felt nice when I was using them in the shower. 
  • They also come in big bottles that last a long time.
  • I didn't notice any lightening of my hair, in fact the patches where I used the lightening spray the most seemed to go more orange than before.
  • The lightening spray left my hair feeling quite dried out and a bit greasy.
  • I didn't really like the smell of the products.
  • The three products totalled at just under £19 which is quite a lot of money for everyday products that don't live up to their claims.
So from this experience of the products I would probably only give them a 2 out of 10, however I thought that they would probably work better on naturally light blonde hair that didn't need as much lightening, so I gave them to my friend Anna to try who has gorgeous natural light blonde hair, as she had been saying that she wanted to go a bit blonder but didn't really want to dye her hair.

  This is the pros and cons list of her experience of the products-

  • Highly noticeable lightening of hair colour, particularly when she went on holiday and had the sun to intensify the effect of the lightening spray.
  • Didn't have to dye hair which meant no need to use damaging peroxide, bleach or ammonia .
  • The effect was very quick, living up to it's 'works in 3-5 uses' claim.
  •  Dried out her hair a bit and made it less soft and silky.
  • She thought the products 'smelt gross'.
Anna gave the product a much better 8 out of 10, which leads me to think this is definitely a product that works a lot better on naturally blonde hair that just needs a bit of a boost, rather than coloured hair that is a lot harder to make blonder. For all you bottle blondes out there, the best hair products you will ever buy are purple toning products, as they will keep your hair a lovely light ash colour and free of brassy tones! There will be much more on purple toning products in future posts, but just a quick note- the only way to transform dark gingery blonde to a really light ash blonde is to re dye it, as no toning or lightening products will be strong enough to lift the colour to an entirely new shade...I wish I had known this back in the summer!

Have you tried this range and what did you think? Or are you a fan of John Frieda products? Are there any bottle blondes out there who have gone through the same gingery nightmare as me?

I hope you've all had a thrilling Thursday! I'm just chilling out in my Christmas onesie tonight with trashy t.v and a prawn curry, got to love being home :)

Love Meg


  1. I used to buy different John Frieda products but I stopped because the products are full of silicons.

  2. Oh that's a shame as I do like other John Frieda products, I think it depends which ones you use! xxx

  3. Hey, I awarded you with the "Sunshine"-award 2011: CLICK!

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  5. Really interesting and useful. Great post. Thanks for the comment! Would be lovely if you could stop by sometime :-) Izzy xo

  6. Antonia- Thanks so much, I will check that out!

    Staff Piuse- I'm glad you enjoyed the post, I will come and have a look at your blog :)

    Izzy- Thank you! I do really love your blog actually :)


  7. I like the balanced way you do your reviews. It is important that shampoo and conditioner smell nice. Can you recommend a conditioner that really does make ones hair silky smooth. Have you managed to achieve what you hope for with conditioner or does the quest continue? Only recently have I grown my hair long and had to try to find a conditioner that works.

  8. great post! maybe we could follow each other;)

  9. David- I'm very happy you think I write balanced reviews, I try really hard to as I want to give an honest and fair view of the products I write about. Well I use a special John Frieda purple toning conditioner at the moment as it keeps my hair a lovely ash blonde colour and feeling great, however to achieve silky smooth hair I would recommend John Frieda's Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner or Lee Stafford's poker straight conditioner...hope this helps and thanks for such a great comment!

    Beatrice- I'd love to Beatrice, I will visit your blog :)


  10. Thank you Meg. I have been to boots and bought John Frieda frizz ease smooth start shampoo and conditioner as well as daily miracle treatment spray also by John Frieda. I will start the new regime tomorrow. I hope to be frizz free very soon. I will report back on whether it works for me! I will try to follow your lead with a balanced report.

  11. aww I feel flattered that you followed my suggestions David! I hope the products work well for you, please do let me know :) xxx

  12. Well my hair has never been as nice as it was today. One does not need much of the shampoo to create a good lather. It is pleasant smelling and does not have a strong odor. The conditioner is equally as nice too and I was able to use less of it than the others I have tried. I did use the spray treatment on damp hair after a bit of gentle drying. Now I have to try a day without the spray to see what effect it is having. Have you tried the hair serum and would you recommend it? With daily use, will the good effect of the conditioner and treatment improve my hair or does one only really need a day to determine the effect it has? Thank you so much for your help. It is great to have someone like you to ask. David

  13. I'm very glad you've had such a good experience with the products I recommended David! I do currently use frizz-ease hair serum for dry, medium frizz and finds it works really well on the sides of my hair but not quite as well on the back where it's thicker, so I think when it runs out I will get a stronger version of the serum, I'd definitely recommend it though. and I think one wash can indicate a products effect, but it's best to use it a few times to get an idea of it's long term effect. Hope that helps! xxx

  14. Once again thank you. I think I will try the stronger version of the serum from the outset. The evaluation of Frizz is a very unscientific one for me but I feel the hair looks better. Someone asked if I had had a haircut! Others ask me when I am going to have my haircut which is a bit of a cheek I feel. Hair is to be enjoyed while I can still grow it with colour in it. I just need help learning how to manage it.

  15. Great post I'm using the lightening spray at the moment its early days so not sure what I think of it yet! Xx

  16. hiya! i'd just like to warn you that when patch tested on single strands on hair in my salon, the hair actually fell out (on naturally blonde hair and highlighted hair). the spray (not the shampoo or conditioner though!) is so so SO bad for your hair and repetitive use will discolour it or make it simply fall out. i know this post was written a while a go, but i stumbled across your blog from a friend and was having a cheeky peek around and found this post and had to let you know! lots of love, a fellow aspiring blonde!

  17. Great post! I actually just purchased the lightening spray, I have natural blonde hair (not as blonde as i would like though :( ) so I wanted to try it out! I will be doing a review about it later on, I hope it works!

    xoxo elín


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