Friday 9 December 2011

OOTD- Have yourself a merry early Christmas!

Merry early Christmas everyone! 

It may seem a tad soon to be doing a Christmas outfit of the day post, but we're having our university house Christmas today and I thought I'd show you how I've dressed to get into the festive spirit while dinner is cooking! 

Hat- poundland
Jumper- COW
Leggings- H&M
Socks- Primark

I've always wanted a proper Christmas jumper so this morning I went to find one at my favourite vintage shop, COW, as they have a massive selection of proper old school Christmas jumpers, cardis and waist coats. I tried loads on but went for this lovely red one as I really liked the tree detailing and the fact it's over sized, which means it's cosy and I can wear it as a jumper with leggings or as a dress with tights. I finished off my festive outfit with a bargain santa hat form poundland, which is great quality for only a pound!

I now plan on wearing this jumper as much as I can before Christmas is over, but at least I'll never grow out of it so I can wear it every year!

Have you got any old fashioned Christmas jumpers? Or do any of you have a COW near you?

Hope you've had a lovely week!
Lots of early festive love,


  1. Oh my, this jumper is way too cute and the picture is way too cute as well.

  2. hehe thank you Antonia! xxx

  3. That jumper is actually amazing!! haha :)
    Thank you for following my blog, I am now following you back!

  4. Love this!!
    I have a COW but I haven't looked in it for a while, I may have to check out the price of the christmas jumpers :)

  5. haha love it! i need a proper christmassy jumper! I'm missing out over here! haha

  6. yay lots of love for my Christmas jumper! Thank you! xxx

  7. Ok usually, I am not for the Christmas sweater thing, but you made it look so cute getting an oversized one and pairing it with leggings.

    In the States we have something called an Ugly Christmas Sweater party where people find the most hideous Christmas sweaters and wear them to the party. SO that is the only recent time I have wore one! :)

    I am a new follower, would love for you to check out my blog sometime and follow back if you're interested.

  8. I was so tempted to get a Christmas jumper in Beyond Retro but they were all way too itchy. Yours is really fun! xx

  9. I love this Christmas Jumper! There's a COW near me, I'll have to check it out! Love your blog, am following!
    Mona x

  10. I'm so glad you like my look girls! And I'm following back to all your blogs :) xxx

  11. WOW, what a gorgeous outfit :) Love how you can pull it off, I don't think I'd be able to but it really suits you xxx

  12. haha thanks, but I'm sure you could easy pull it off! xxx

  13. love your blog dear (:

    newest follower :D!!


  14. I do love this look, I'm so glad I found your blog! I would love it if you could follow my blog also! xx

    Thankyou x


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