Wednesday 7 December 2011

FOTD and HOTD- 1940's style

Hello everyone!

 Sorry I've been so rubbish at posting lately, I had my performances of 'Guys and Dolls' last week which were absolutely amazing but took over my life! Now it's all over and everything has calmed down a bit I can finally get back to my blog. It was also my birthday last Saturday so I'm now all old and 20, but this does means I have lots of pretty and exciting birthday pressies to show you, yay! First of all though I thought I'd show you my hair and make up that I had for my part of 'Miss Adelaide'. She is a 1940's New York show girl so I was in hair and make up for about an hour and a half every night before the show to get my look right.  

The 1940's pin up look consisted of dark smoky eyes, pucker red lips, teamed with layers of stage foundation and bronzer and dark defined eyebrows. It's not a look I'd go for every day, but it looked great on stage and I felt very glamorous! I absolutely loved the 1940's hair style too, it was created by curling my hair into ringlets with  hair straighteners, then back combing the front two sections and rolling them up and fixing them with lots of curby grips. I had lots of compliments about my hair so I'm definitely going to try and find a way of recreating a more wearable less time consuming version of this style. 

You can see below how the style works with longer hair on my beautiful fellow leading lady Emily...

I'm planning on doing a tutorial soon on how to create wearable 1940's inspired hair and make up, as well as showing you some of my costumes and how to add a bit of 1940's glamour into your modern wardrobe, so stay tuned for that!

I hope your all having a lovely start to your December!
Love Meg


  1. You look beautiful. Love the make up x

  2. aww thanks very much! I'm glad you like it :) xxx

  3. Such a gorgeous look, the hair especially! xx

  4. Girl that hair is ridiculously awesome!!! I can't wait for the tutorial.

    enter to win my MAC giveaway One day left!!!


  5. Josie- Thanks very much, I did love wearing my hair like that!

    Summer-Raye- hehe that's so nice, thanks! I'll try and do the tutorial soon!


  6. Your 1940's look is amazing. Can't wait for the tutorial!

    Laura x

  7. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! Hope you visit back :--)
    Izzy xo

  8. oh thank you girls, such lovely comments! xxx

  9. Wow, you look absolutely fantastic, love thr hair and make-up.

  10. I'm very glad you do! Thanks very much :) xxx

  11. love the make up its fab did you do it yourself ? xx

  12. thanks very much Mica! I had one of the make up girls do my make up, but I've learnt how to do it in case I ever want to do it myself :) xxx

  13. Where did you buy that dress from that yiu are wearing in the first picture? Actually I just realized that I only see a small part of it so were did you buy the dress/shirt? Could you please answer me on my tumblr page? :)

  14. Wow, I love this look on you! So pretty :)
    Also is that girl on Coronation Street? Coz it really looks like her!


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