Saturday 19 November 2011

NOTD- Children in Need

Good morning girlies!

as it was Children in Need yesterday I thought I'd show you how I used my nails to get into the spirit of it with the Children in Need designer nail wraps by Nail Rock that my Mum got me last week. As you can see I tried them out yesterday and I think they look really cool. Plus buying them helps a good cause so it's win win!

I haven't tried nail wraps before so I was a bit apprehensive as to how they would turn out, but they were actually surprisingly easy to apply. The 3 basic steps are described on the back of the packet- first you prepare the nail by removing your cuticles, filing them into a nice shape and buffering the shine away from the surface...

You then choose the size most suitable to which nail you are doing, peel it away from the sheet and press it onto your nail with firm pressure...

You then shape the wrap by cutting the main part away and filing the rest into shape...

You repeat this step on all your nails and viola-you have a really funky nail effect that looks much harder to create than it is!

I did find the cutting and shaping of the wrap once on the nail quite tricky, particularly when I was using my left hand to do the cutting, but I think with practise it would get much easier. I'm also not sure how long they will last without peeling away, but they've stayed on so far and the packet says they are long lasting, so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried nail wraps? Were yours the 'non heat' type? Did you do anything fun for Children in Need?

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm staying in London at my boyfriend's uni this weekend and it's so nice just to have some chill out time after being so busy!
Love Meg


  1. They look gorgeous, I didn't have chance to get mine for Children in Need so I donated online and created my own Pudsey inspired nails :D Let us kow how long they last.



  2. I love the nail wraps, theyre so cute. Ive only ever tried non heat ones and theyve always worked fine for me.

  3. These ones are so nice, and for a good cause you can't go wrong! I haven't tried any yet but I am dying too! Accesorize had some lace ones I might get :) I need to try some asap! :)

  4. they look amazing! so cute! and for a great cause! :D Xx

  5. OMG those are sooo cute! I will def have to try that myself! I like your blog layout/background its cute! I am a new follower by the way!

  6. I used the heat ones and i was PANTS at application! haha these look gorgeous though!

  7. Thank you very much girlies! I'm glad you like them :) xxx

  8. How neat are these!

    Followed back! <3

  9. Love love love these :) the design is so cute and you have done them so neat :) xxx

  10. yay I'm glad you think so! I just wished they lasted a bit

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