Friday 4 November 2011

Body Beautiful TOTD

Hello girlies!

Today I thought I would start a new feature for my boutique, which is 'Body Beautiful Tip of the Day'. Basically, I've read a few other beauty blogs that talk about health and fitness and as it's something I'm really into, I thought why not start doing some similar posts myself. 

When I'm at uni I always find it easier to stay slim than when I'm at home, due to the amount of walking I do every day just to get to uni and because I have to buy my own food and I'd rather spend money on pretty things. However, during the week where I was in King Lear I was so busy that I became far too reliant on picking up convenience food when I was out and I also ate far too many biscuits and sweets from the pile of snacks in the backstage room. Then, after consuming a giant meal from Chiquitos before the Supas bowling social last Tuesday, me and a few other girls in Guys and Dolls decided we would go on a health kick at least until the show which starts on the 30th of November. I thought it would be much easier to keep up if I blogged about it, so hopefully these blog posts will keep me motivated so I can look my best in the skimpy show girl outfits I'll have to wear! I know that keeping fit and eating healthily can be expensive and difficult when you're busy, so hopefully I'll give you some easy tips to keep you slim on the go, without slimming your bank balance!

Tip of the Day-
Go on, treat yourself... 

I've tried going on health kicks before where I've cut out anything remotely unhealthy and fun, but this just led to me craving chocolate and burgers after the first day and giving up completely. So this time I've given myself a one treat per day rule so I can still eat fun and yummy treats, but in moderation. Not only does this help me stay in shape, but it also helps my bank balance, as it means the chocolates and cakes my Mum sends me last a lot longer and I don't have to go out and buy more.

 So yesterday, when I was eating my carrot and pepper at rehearsal, I didn't snap and go to the vending machine, because I knew by being good all day I'd earned that piece of strudel waiting in my fridge for me when I got home! You'll also find that you enjoy puddings, chocolate and crisps much more. Depending on the circumstances of your day you could make your treat a bit bigger than a snack, for example fish and chips or lots of alcohol, but obviously it would defeat the object of a health kick if your treat was really big everyday. And if you know you are going out for a special meal, you could save up a few treats from other days so you can just enjoy it or if you've had a day where you've been rather unhealthy, you could cut back on your treats for a while... 

What do you think about my new feature? Are you on a health kick at the moment? If you have any tips to share I'd love to hear them!

Hope you've all had a great week!
Love Meg


  1. Just found your blog- it's lovely!


  2. I love this!! great tip :) I can't wait to read more!! and omg that cupcake looks amazing haha!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Thanks very much! I will keep coming with the tips :) xxx


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