Sunday 11 January 2015

2014 Favourites: Makeup

One sure fire way to combat those January blues is to surround yourself with your favourite makeup from the past year which is definitely what I did when filming my 2014 Favourites Part One video! So many of last year's favourites are super affordable and truly fabulous so definitely worth adding to the wish list, if not the immediate boots basket... #enabler As ever please do let me know what your makeup favourites of last year were and if you guessed anything that popped up in this video (Kate Moss 107 anyone?)  Hope 2015 is going dandily for you all!


  1. I have never tried the wake me up foundation, but the concealer was lovely!

  2. Oh yeah the Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel London lasts soooo long (not just the makeup you put on BUT the bottle seems to last for ages!;)) also the Collection 2000 (which doesn't last so long - as you really fast run out of the bottle) is 100% blending away all nasty dark circles or imperfections!;)

    I've not tried out yet the Benefit C. cream eyeshadows but this shade looks similar to Gosh's creamy eyeshadow stick/pen which I've and used it almost each day since I've got it - as a eye primer before I usually apply a regular cream powder cake eyeshadow by Max Factor and after that some U. Decay Palette 3 shades!;)

    Have a great beginning of this week Meg'!;)

    Nice Greetings from Brighton,


  3. Wake me up foundation is a fab drugstore foundation. The scent of it always makes me really happy too- reminds me of summer. x

  4. You always have such different items compared to everyone else so I love seeing!

    I'm going to give the wake me up a go next because everyone raves about it!


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