Wednesday 29 January 2014

The Latest Lust: Benefit 'Lollitint'

 lollitint | £24.50 | Benefit Cosmetics

Now that we're heading towards that ever so exciting moment of turning over the (One Direction) calendar to reveal February my mind is fully focused on Spring make up- pretty pastels, fresh faced foundation and glowy cheeks galore! So I'm more than a tad excited about the brand new release from Benefit Cosmetics- 'lollitint' the 'flirty flush in a bottle'! It's no secret that I work in the marketing department at Benefit HQ so I've actually known about this product for a very long time, but as it actually launched last Saturday and Valentines is just around the corner now seemed the perfect time to share it with you... lollitint is the fourth member of the Benefit tint family which was started by their first ever product, Benetint (this was in fact originally used on stripper's nipples. Slight TMI there). lolli's got the same gel based formula as it's Posie and Cha Cha but comes in a really unique new 'Candy Orchid' shade. When I first heard about this shade I wasn't all that convinced because it looked like a bright- and rather scary- purple in the bottle, but after trying it on myself and many customers I can assure you it blends out to the most beautiful pinky lilac colour and as the magazines keep telling us, lilac is the shade of the season! This buildable colour adds a really pretty flush to both the lips and cheeks making it a super sweet perk up for a candy inspired complexion. The quick drying liquid gel formula can be a little daunting to work with, but if you stripe it onto the cheeks and blend quickly with a blusher brush before working it into the lips with your fingers then it blends like a dream and also lives up to it's am-pm long lasting stain claim. Although, as with all the tints I would recommend adding a lipbalm/highlighter over the top to add a bit more gloss and glow to the fairly matte finish and making sure you use a small amount as a little goes a long way and this will also help justify the price tag with cost per wear. Overall I've been so pleasantly surprised by how much I love lollitint and don't even get me started on how cute the packaging is...

Sorry I've been a bit MIA on the blog front lately, I've had so many posts/videos planned but been unable to get them up because my laptop completely died on Friday night and now I'm desperately trying to sort out another laptop as quickly as possible so I can get back into the swing of things! Despite that technical trauma I had an amazing weekend as my best home girls Faye and Lydia came to stay, it was so much fun and you can watch the vlog of the whole shebang here. I hope you've all been having a lovely end of January :)   

Have you fallen for this flirty flush?


  1. I've never tried any of Benefits tints as none of the colours really appealed to me, but I really do adore this one!XX

  2. ohhhh i need this in my life :3 its perfect!

  3. I've never been too impressed with the tints from benefit, but I'm in love with this colour x

  4. ooh this looks interesting!:)i need to go catch up on your videos lovely:)glad u had a fun weekend!xx

  5. I seriously cannot wait to try this.
    I have had and loved Benetint and this just looks like such a pretty colour!


  6. This looks a bit pink for me but I definitely need to try some of the Benefit tints soon:) xxx

  7. I've never tried a Benefit tint before but if I was to ever purchase one I would probably go for this one or the cha cha tint. Both look lovely X

  8. Must be nice working in marketing for Benefit :O) The color is lovely. I think pastels are great for spring.
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  9. woah... did not know that about Benetint!

    haha anyway, I'm really excited for this one! I own a bunch of the smaller tints, but I think I'll pick this up as a full size! I think it's such a pretty color :)

  10. Need to get to a benefit counter to try this out asap! Ps, I'm so intrigued by your job, I'm really interested in that kind of career!x

  11. Such a stunning colour! Looks like it's worth the hype. :D

  12. This is such a pretty colour, it looks from the photos like Pantone Radiant Orchid! I have Posie tint and love it, but the colour is a little too pink for me so this looks perfect!
    So glad I found your blog today! :) Rosie x


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