Saturday 11 January 2014

13 Favourites of 2013

Good evening lovelies! Tonight I've got a little post and video to entertain those of you having a wild Saturday night in like me (I have been out pretending to be posh with the girls in Chelsea all day so that's my excuse...check out my Instagram to see these adventures & stay tuned for a 'weekender' post on them tomorrow), which are all about my 13 Favourites of 2013! I decided to pick out my 13 faves rather than something from every beauty category because that would have taken until next Christmas to compile and I quite like the challenge of narrowing down what I was loving last year into such a limited line up. I did find some absolute gems in 2013 so it was very hard to choose between them, but this does mean I am totally in love with/really recommend every product I've included. Some of the products are firm old favourites that also appeared in my 12 Favourites of 2012, but others such as the Maybelline Master Smokey Shadow Pencil, Benefit 'Watts Up' and Essie 'Fiji' are new beauties that only came into my life recently and I'm now totally obsessed with! If you want to know more about why I love the things ever so delicately laid out above (and fancy seeing my new hair in action) then please do watch my video all about them and subscribe to my YouTube channel while your at it. If you can tear yourself away from the likes of Splash and Take Me Out that is... 

What are your 2013 Favourites? 


  1. I really want to try out Benefit 'Watts Up'. I first heard Sammi from beautycrush rave about it and now I've seen you've included it in your favourites I think I might have to give it a trial lol X

  2. I like the Ecotools brush too. They do fall apart with use, but are overall great makeup brushes for such low prices.
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  3. I've recently discovered the touch of silver hair lotions and potions...only used them once and I'm sure my hair is already a brighter blonde?! SO cheap too!!!
    x x x

  4. Love your new hair! And I can't wait to watch this- heading over to YouTube right now! xxx


  5. I think the Maybelline Colour Tattoos really had their year last year, I hope they release even more shades because they're so handy and I actually prefer them to MAC paint pots!

    Ellis xo
    ELRBX / beauty & lifestyle blog!

  6. I absolutely love the chocolate bronzer, silver shampoo and Kate Moss lipsticks!

  7. Fab picks!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  8. DYING to get my hands on some more Essie nail varnish! Also the bourjois bronzed are such a hit with everyone feel like the only one to have not tested them out!! Must purchase ASAP!! My beauty favourites from 2013 are here check out my new blog :)

  9. I would love to own the Naked palette!


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