Monday 13 January 2014

Chelsea Girl

If you've followed my blog for some time you may be aware I have a slight extreme Made in Chelsea obsession so when two of my best girls suggested our weekend plans should consist of strolling around London's classiest areas pretending to be posh I thought it was an amazing idea. Not to mention the perfect occasion to take the big camera out and get some lifestyle snaps...One of the best things about living in Chelmsford is how close it is to London so after donning my best 'Casual Chelsea Girl' look (Get ready with me video and outfit post coming soon) I hopped on the train and met Rosie and Laura for some serious Jamie and Proudlock stalking. Chelsea is actually sooo pretty and walking round all the big white houses with ridiculous cars and perfect floral arrangements made me super jealous. We met the cutest little dogs on our walk around the Chelsea Gardens too- as you can see from the photos above one little guy was very keen to make friends with Rosie! After all that walking, stalking and photo taking (the Instagram posts were out in force, obvs) we went for a delicious afternoon tea at Bluebird- oh yes we actually hung out in the same place as the MIC gang, then popped into Space NK for some serious swatching and luxurious lusting before finishing off the day by pretending to feel pensive/argumentative along the embankment. It wouldn't be Chelsea without some dramatic embankment action now would it...

What did you get up to this weekend? Do you like these lifestyle/photography posts?


  1. This literally sounds like a perfect day! I too am a little too obsessed with Made In Chelsea!
    Also didn't realise you lived in Chelmsford, I live just outside there! xx

    Rush and Teal


  2. This sounds like a great day - and Chelsea is sooooo pretty!
    Sarah xx

  3. Sounds like such a lovely day and you look gorgeous Meg!!

    Gem xx

  4. This is seriously so cute, Megan! I live in LA and I love that show, TOWIE,-needless to say that I would do the same thing in Essex if I got a chance to! :p

    I'm glad you and your friends had fun, and hey, there's nothing wrong with a little make believe! ;)



  5. I love this post! The photos are gorgeous and you've definitely made me want to plan a day in Chelsea very soon (sorry bankcard...)

    Lay It Bare

    Steph xx

  6. What a darling post Megan - isn't Chelsea the most gorgeous place to walk around? There's literally something to see everywhere you look. Sounds like you're enjoying London life!

    Hannah x

  7. This is right up my street, I love MIC and as soon as I saw the pictures I was like :o haha!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  8. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! I would love to go back down to Chelsea & London again & experience it all again. I can't believe you sat in Bluebird! jealous haha :P surprised you didn't see any of the MIC cast, but those house numbers have featured a million times in the programme so I wonder if any of the stars live there! :o it's like a mini hollywood area haha :P
    glad you enjoyed walking round Chelsea, it looks perfect! :D

  9. Chelsea looks so pretty! Makes for a lovely day out. Loved this post! x


  10. Sounds like an awesome trip and your pics are lovely! :-) xx

    Helen @


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