Thursday 9 January 2014

Miss Dior Cherie

One of the best things about the otherwise rather gloomy month of January is getting to have a proper play with all your new Christmas presents and one gift I've very much been enjoying so far this month is my lovely new perfume, Miss Dior Cherie. My boyfriend very kindly surprised me with this beautiful bottle (amongst similar items such as minions and converse) on Christmas morning and I've spritzed it on liberally whilst getting ready every morning since! It's always a bit of a risk being bought a perfume you haven't tired before because fragrance is such a personal thing, but luckily I absolutely adore the scent- it's really fresh, floral and fruity with notes of Jasmine, Strawberry and Patchouli making it the perfect sweet yet sophisticated scent for every day wear, particularly coming into Spring and Summer. The bottle is beautiful too, again it's girly but still chic and subtle and it looks ever so pretty propped up on my makeshift muji dressing table- definitely one for the blog background I think. Dior scents are rather pricey, particularly during this time of year when everyone is tightening their purse strings, but you do obviously pay for the high quality and long length of time this makes people just have to smell you as you waft past, plus it would make a perfect Valentines gift... get hinting now girls.

What's your favourite scent of the moment? 


  1. I looove this scent! My favourite right now is without a doubt Thierry Mugler's 'Alien' <3

    Faye xoxo

  2. This perfume is so beautiful! My husband bought it me for our wedding and sent it to me that morning, and every time I smell it now it takes me back to that wonderful day. And weirdly it has my married initials on the top of the lid too :) Great review, glad you love it x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. My favourite scent of all time is Gucci Flora.
    I love the Dior bottle.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  4. I've still yet to smell this. Sounds like I need to!

  5. This sounds like a gorgeous scent how sweet of your boyfriend!

    Love the bottle and your photography too!



  6. I need to smell this it sounds amazing!

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

  7. I'm positive I have little sample bottle of this, it's a gorgeous bottle & I'm tempted to buy this once I've saved up enough pennies ;)
    Beautiful photos meg :D

  8. i need to smell this - sounds amazing. the bottle is super cute as well xx

  9. This scent is lovely - I have a mini bottle of this and loved the smell x

    Candy Cosmetics | For All Things Beauty

  10. I've not tried Cherie, but I love Miss Dior! It is such a lovely, long-lasting scent.

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits x


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