Thursday 17 October 2013

The Autumn Lip Line Up

Top&Bottom photo from left to right: YSL Rouge Pour Couture '05' / No.7 'Gay Geranium' / Revlon Lip Butter 'Lollipop' / Rimmel Kate Moss '107' / MAC 'Odyssey'

YSL Rouge Pour Couture '05' /  Autumn isn't all about the dark vampy shades, in fact a dusky nude is an everyday essential in all autumn lip line ups and this one looks so pretty paired with natural 'snow glow' make up. Plus, a YSL lipstick is a must have in every girls lipstick collection...if only for the packaging.
No.7 'Gay Geranium'/ It may surprise you that such a bright shade has snuck into my cold month line up, but this gorgeous orange toned red reminds me of bright Autumn leaves and I just can't resist a good statement power lip. This also brightens up grey early mornings and sun deprived skin tones. A must for me right now.
Revlon Lip Butter 'Lollipop' / This is definitely my party season pick (It's never too early to plan those festive make up looks girls), the most gorgeous 'girl about town' deep pink with purple undertones, this is a super classy shade packed with moisture, making it perfect for those drying wintry winds. And all nighters.
Rimmel Kate Moss '107' / This is a lipstick that needs no introduction- an ultimate blogger fave that totally lives up to the hype this has an incredible long lasting matte finish and perfectly treads the line between red and purple resulting in a vampire-esque product that hardly leaves my lips during this time of year.
MAC 'Odyssey' / No Autumn edit is complete without a deep berry shade and MAC Odyssey is my absolute favourite one. I can't believe more people don't rave about this because the frost formula is perfect- really pigmented with great staying power, but also creamy and slightly glossy with an even fade. Buy it now.

It's a bit of a late post from me tonight because I've been busy packing for my first over night work trip to Dublin tomorrow! I'm flying there with my lovely partner in social media crime for some some really exciting meetings, a trip to the google offices and a blogger event at their brand new Benefit Boutique. And of course we're going to make time for lunches and drinks in the city too...I can't tell you how much I'm having to pinch myself at the moment!

What products have made it into your Autumn lip line up?


  1. I love the No7 orange one!


  2. I was in Boots yesterday swatching away trying to find some new lipsticks to update my collection as I only have a few. I didn't end up buying any but this has given me a few ideas. I always wish you could try the lipstick on in the shops on your lips as I always worry about wasting my money on a colour which looks awful on me but pretty on my hand! How do you deiced which colours to go for? x

  3. I really want to try the MAC Odyssey lipstick, but I'm worried it won't suit me! Will have to have a look at some of these lipsticks too because I feel I've been lacking in new lip products lately!
    Sarah xx

  4. Love Kate moss 107. A big favourite of mine!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. Love the rimmel lippy!

  6. Oh Rimmle no107 is a fav for me in autumn... I was excited to be bale to wear it again when the weather started getting cooler :D Great collection hun x


  7. I love the revlon lip butters. might have to try some of the others!

  8. I really like the Kate Moss one, I have it and it's my go to fall shade!

    Just a little prettier

  9. Holy cow! That no.7 lippie looks amazing! I also adore the kate moss one x
    ♥ elín from elinlikes

  10. I've got the Kate Moss one and I love it, it's amazing! xx


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