Monday 1 February 2016

3 Mane Changing Hair Hacks

Happy Monday/February! Today I wanted to do a little throwback to the 'beauty hack' posts you guys always seem to love- good timing as I've just discovered 3 hair hacks I'm not sure how I've gone for 24 predominantly beauty obsessed years without knowing...

1. CONDITION AFTER APPLYING TREATMENTS // OMG, who knew?! Having dry, heat styled and coloured hair, I've always reached for the most intense mask formulas possible to sort out my mane after shampooing, but never knew you still needed to apply a normal conditioner afterwards! These deep treatments really open the hair follicles in order to penetrate them as much as possible- so it's important to use a regular conditioner afterwards to seal them again, leaving you with much smoother, softer, less porous hair once styled. I did this for the first time a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how much sleeker and more manageable my barnet became.

2. ALWAYS COMB CONDITIONER THROUGH YOUR HAIR // This may seem like a mightily simple/obvious hack and yet I'm pretty sure it's one product bottles (& Meg's former hairdressers) never instruct you to do. I've previously only worked the aforementioned conditioner through my hair with fingers, waiting until I'm out of the shower and ready to get blow drying before brushing with a tangle teaser. However, if you brush your hair in the shower whilst it's wet with conditioner still in, not only does the product evenly reach every hair on your head, but the conditioner acts as a lubricant (oo la la), which massively reduces breakage and tangling.

3. PROTEIN IS YOUR HAIR'S BEST FRIEND // No, I'm not suggesting you start smothering your hair with egg yolk & chicken each morning (hair omelette anyone?), but pick any hair product packed with proteins and you're well on your way to repairing the blow dries, 90's poker straight curtains and retro curls we've all exposed our hair to. They might not make your hair feel quite as silky, but high end protein based products will make a real difference to breakage, split ends and growth- they won't be filled with silicones or hidden nasties either! Two new favourite ranges in my routine are: Organic Power Build & TIGI Oatmeal & Honey.

Do you abide by any hair hacks?

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  1. Such a great post, who knew you had to condition after treatments?! You're not the only one there Meg, thanks for sharing!
    Elle du Jour xxx


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