Sunday 21 February 2016

The #LoveList // Food & Fitness Gurus

Beauty was my first love and it shall be my last (obvs), but moving through the twenties I'm finding more room in my heart for these two things called healthy food and fitness. If you told that to the girl who ate snickers sandwiches for lunch and thought shopping was exercise enough (spoiler alert, that girl was me), she would have laughed, but here I am actually ENJOYING going to different gym classes at least 3-4 times a week and getting as excited about superfoods as smoky eyes. Although age-and working next to a gym- has played a part in this change, it's not a journey I could make on my own. So for my first post of February (there will now be a new post each Sunday, promise!), I'm sharing major love for the top 5 ladies in my healthy lifestyle #LoveList, who constantly inspire me to move, mash and be more mindful...

FYI: I learnt almost everything I know about nutrition from Deliciously Ella (and very much enjoy wearing her avocado related sweaters), but as I'm sure you all know and love her already I wanted to give some other ladies the limelight!

1. THE YOGI // Madeleine Shaw
Madeleine is the ultimate all-round guru on fitness, fresh food and fabulous skin. Her mission? Reveal the 'hottest, happiest, healthiest you'... I absorb everything this goddess tells me and keep her book 'Get The Glow' close by at all times in order to steal as much of her 'zen' as possible ('Ready, Steady, Glow' is, of course, on preorder).

2. THE YOUTUBER // Naomi Smart
She needs no introduction, but if you're just getting into clean eating and working out then you must introduce yourself to Naomi's plant based 'What I Eat In A Day' videos and her new healthy snack box business, Sourced Box. She'll give you a crazy amount of meal inspiration and sort those sugar crave moments between meals in minutes.

4. THE VEGAN // Aine Carlin 
I try to generally eat clean, rather than eat vegan, but Aine's brilliant book 'Keep It Vegan' is accessible to even the biggest meat and dairy eater- with recipes like snickerdoodle bowls/breakfast brownie and reassurance that it's okay to use the odd pre made sauce when you need food fast, this lovely lady has my heart. And stomach.

4. THE BRAND // Frank Body 
A brand?! I know, I know, but if you don't adore coffee based skincare brand Frank Body already then go and get acquainted immediately. The products are amaze, but it's their hilarious insta & blog posts entitled 'How to Work Out In Bed...' which makes this the most feel good brand around, always giving me a kick up the old bum to look after myself inside and out. 

5. THE BLOGGER // Vivianna Does Makeup
Anna will always be my number one makeup maven, but recently she's been getting right into her healthy cookery videos and 'fitness files' too and I am lapping it up. We're both on a journey from coco pops to cacao nibs and sofa sitting to spinning, so I feel she's the perfect partner to take on my current lifestyle trip and I'm sure she'd love to keep you company too.  

Which fabulous folk would make your food & fitness #LoveList?

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