Wednesday 8 October 2014

September Favourites

As I sit here on the sofa all curled up in a jumper about to watch the bake off final (what will I do with my Wednesday nights now?) it is incredibly clear that Autumn has arrived and I for one am super excited. October is one of my very favourite months because it’s not too cold and you have Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas all ahead of you- not forgetting 13 weeks of live X Factor and Strictly shows. But before I get too ahead of myself it’s time to give September a last bit of lovin’ by running down my favourites of the past month. It’s quite easy to see I was done with Summer slightly prematurely with the return of my all-time favourite berry lipstick, Kate Moss 107 and there’s actually another Kate Moss offering in the mix- a rose gold eye crayon that is so easy to use and looks totally stunning all around the eyes. On the higher end of things we have a copper shadow from Sephora and the new Mrs Mia Wallace nail polish from Urban Decay. Be warned, this is a chipper, but it has a skull on the top of the bottle (nice and seasonal don’t cha think) which contains a colour so close to 107 it’s uncanny. A shower gel and super one step skincare also made it into the party which I go on about lots in my video alongside some extra hair, fashion and vlogger faves so make sure you go along and give that a watch before bake off begins. You’re time starts… NOW. 


  1. Loved the video Meg, and I now need that Rimmel Kate copper eyeshadow crayon after seeing your swatch :))) xxx

  2. I'm gonna need that shadow stick!


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