Thursday 23 October 2014

My Hair Hero | Elasticizer Extreme

There are a whole lotta hair products out there that claim to deliver a whole lotta big promises, but only a handful that really do what they say on the tin (or bottle). And when it comes to really restoring dry damaged locks, there is actually only one product that does it for me. Meet my hair hero- the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme. I’ve been a huge fan of the original for years but as this one is stronger you can use less and keep it on for less time too so it’s much more practical. It’s a unique treatment as you unusually apply it before shampooing and it not only nourishes but delivers elasticity, bounce and shine. My poor ends have been dyed blonde for about three years now and I have incredibly crazy frizzy hair to start with that also takes a serious amount of heat (aren’t I lovely), so popping this on to damp ends just 20 or even 10 minutes before I step in the shower makes all the difference! What I’m left with after washing is hair that looks freshly trimmed in a transformed condition that is so much easier to style- it’s no wonder Audrey Hepburn was such a fan! Be warned this is heavy duty stuff so I wouldn’t take it near the roots and if you have fine or virgin hair I’d leave this well alone and opt for the original, but if you like me are forever buying bottles with phrases like ‘serious moisture’, ‘intense condition’ and ‘miracle restore’ on, then put your pennies together for this pricier purchase and I promise your new luscious locks with thank you.

What is your ultimate hair hero?


  1. This sounds really lovely, my hair is quite fine so wouldn't put it all over but it looks like a great hair mask. Really like the packaging too!


  2. I was eyeing this up the other day on feelunique but wasn't sure if it would be worth the money - but I think you've just convinced me! I've got naturally really frizzy hair and it's been through all sorts of dyes and bleaches, so this looks like something I'd love! Will definitely be purchasing come payday! xx

  3. Oooh have heard good things about this! Struggling with my damaged hair at the moment, will have to try this.

  4. Ooh this sounds really good, I love preshower treatments. I normally use coconut oil but sometimes can't be bothered with the greasy fingers bit so this sounds ideal.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. My hair is always breaking and snapping, it's in such poor condition but I never really try anything other than leaving the conditioner on for a bit longer. I really need to branch out because from what I've heard, little treatments can actually transform your hair, maybe I'll give it a go!

  6. I swear by this, but I do find applying before shampooing a tad annoying!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. Going to have to give this a go!!

    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

  8. I love Elasticizer, so good!

  9. This is one of those products I've always wanted to try but never got round to! Xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves


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