Saturday 19 April 2014

MAC Most Wanted Mini Haul

Morange lipstick £15 // 217 blending brush £18 // MAC instore & online

If you're anything like me then you'll have an endless list stashed somewhere of all the MAC products you've been lusting after ever since you first got in to makeup- not to mention those sublists of eyeshadow and lipstick shades... Sadly, as much as I clearly go manic for MAC, the price points and accessibility can make actually buying it hard to justify, but when browsing the MAC Pro Store in Carnaby the other week with a cheeky discount card in hand it seemed time to make two purchases that have been my MAC most wanted since I started blogging- morange and the 217. Both very hyped, cliche and expensive products, but oh my word am I happy I took the plunge! Morange is everything  I wanted it to be- a vibrant but wearable orange that is both creamy and super pigmented on lips thanks to it's amplified finish. It wears well, instantly finishes/perks up any makeup look and smells like vanilla- I also managed to apply it in a club with no mirror last night. Needless to say it'll be hard to keep that one off my lips over the summer months. Now onto the 217 Blending Brush. My first thought was 'Meg has come a long way since applying 17 eyeshadow trios with a foam stick'... this is just the most incredible grown up eye brush that packs on shadow with ease and serious pigmentation, it works all over the lid as well as in the crease/lower lash line and blending is now the stuff of dreams. It's also lovely and soft and looks delightful in my collection (the really important part). Now excuse me while I go and give that list two big satisfying ticks...

What are your MAC most wanted?


  1. I laughed out loud at the applying 17 trios with foam sticks - that was so me too haha! I bet Morange looks gorgeous on you Meg, it's such an amazing shade! xxx

    Gemma //

  2. Morange is definitely on my MAC wish-list too!

  3. Mac Morange is one of my favourite shades it's stunning, perfect for summer :)
    xxx Claire

  4. a mac store just opened near me which is great as i can now start getting mac products more often instead of just buying them online! the lipstick is gorgeous! xxx

  5. I used to want Morange but I don't feel like I need it anymore. Although I love the 217 and have three of them xx

  6. Ah gosh I really do need morange. I feel it will complete my lipstick collection haha!

  7. 217 really is such an amazing brush, and I'm sure Morange is great as well. I'm currently obsessed with Lady Danger, which also has a bit of an orange undertone. .)

  8. These two products are definitely top of my MAC wish list!

    Taslima | The little things in life

  9. I really need to get my hands on Morange!


  10. Morange and Costa Chic are definitely two lipsticks that are on my wish list <3 X

  11. I really do wish i could pull off this colour.

  12. love!

  13. Morange is so perf! I also love the Ruby Woo shade, these two are on my MAC wish-list ♥


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