Saturday 26 April 2014

Get Ready With Me: Spring Edition

Happy Weekend lovelies! I've been a little absent on the blog this week due to being on my holidays and having lots of home related fun, so today I'm back with a post and video bumper bonus! I'm so excited to share this video with you as it's my first ever 'Get Ready With Me' which took me a hell of a long time to film and edit (and upload due to my ghastly internet) and it's also centred around my favourite beauty/fashion season of Spring. I'm rocking a few new favourite things in this look which you won't have seen on the blog before- a copper smokey eye, milkmaid braid hair and the BooHoo smock dress. The copper eye look has totally replaced the classic bronzed smokey eye for me at the moment- it compliments a fresh dewy base perfectly, allows me to pile on the peachy lips/cheeks and is also very quick and easy to create using a Rimmel shadow stick base and Naked 2 shades on top. The milkmaid/halo braid is also surprisingly easy to create and has fast become my go to hairstyle of the season. If you're a shorter haired girl that thinks such plaited Princess Leia styles are out of reach then make sure to watch the hair section of this video as the trick is to use four plaits instead of two. Sneaky... Then  finally we have the smock dress. Something my rather big boobies ordinarily stop me from wearing due to triangle body fear, this super pretty nude floral piece from BooHoo is a delight both in the visual and comfort stakes, elevating to 'Spring staple' status toughened up with chelsea boots. If you want to get a better idea of what I'm going on about and find out how to create the full makeup, hair and outfit looks shown above, as well as watch me make breakfast (highly interesting stuff), then pretty please give the video a watch and subscribe to my channel as I have lots more exciting videos planned. Now I should probably leave my bed and get ready for real... 

What look will you be going for this weekend?


  1. You look so gorgeous, I love your milkmaid braids! I hope you had an amazing holiday! xxx

  2. Love your hair! You look so pretty! Now following, just scrolled through pages and pages of your blog! So fabulous!

  3. Love the print on your dress! & you really suit that hairstyle!

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  4. Hey Megan :) ,
    What software do you use to edit your videos??

  5. love! so cute!

  6. Such a lovely look with that pretty hair style! Are you a social media for Benefit? xx

  7. I really enjoyed this video Meg :) such a pretty dress and your hair looks so lovely like that! Hope you had a lovely week back home :)
    Love Holly x


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