Thursday 4 July 2013

The tribal crop: Holiday outfit

Crop Top- New Look
Shorts- Vintage Levis
Belt- New Look
Sandals- New Look
Bangles- Primark
Earrings- Peacocks
Nails- Maybelline 'Mint for Life'
Lips- Rimmel Apocalips in 'Stellar'

If you watched my holiday vlog or have been reading my blog for a while then you may know that I am absolutely addicted to crop tops. In fact, I have a whole drawer dedicated to them (Not obsessive at all, right?). You may think flashing the flesh is a bit of a scary night out only look, but if you have a fairly slim but curvy figure like myself then I'd advise you to champion the crop as much as possible because they highlight the slimmest part of your frame and let you wear flattering high waisted bottoms that skim over the kind of child bearing hips I have been 'blessed' with. This colourful tribal/aztec print crop is the latest addition to my collection which I found for a bargainous £7.99 in New Look just before my holiday. As well as loving how vibrant and summery it is, I also adore the fit because it's actually tight enough on my waist and big enough on my boobs which I assure you is something me and my assets usually struggle with. For this particular night out in Spain I paired it with my much loved over worn vintage levi shorts, my equally much loved over worn tan belt and new favourite £7.99 tan gladiator sandals from New Look. These took hardly any wearing in and are incredibly comfy so I'd really recommend them if you need some trusty, blister-repellent footwear for the summer months. And finally I'll just give a little nod to my go-to holiday beauty styling of beach hair and Rimmel Apocalips in 'stellar'. Commence the reminiscent holiday sun and sea day dreaming...

What's your go-to summer fashion staple?

I've had such a lovely week so far at my internship, I'm really glad I'm enjoying it as the travelling is quite hard to get used to and I also hate jobs where you clock watch! The only downside is missing all the tennis, but I did do a Wimbledon themed fashion post on the brand blog and I'll watch it at the weekend when my family hold our annual Wimbledon party complete with strawberries and cream and Andy Murray hats. Yes that's right, Andy Murray hats actually exist and my Mother actually owns one...

Love Meg


  1. Thqt is such an awesome top!such a cool print!

  2. I love this look on you Meg, your body type looks amazing in this outfit - i love the jean shorts too :) plus the make-up looks great too :D i love the look of stellar!
    New Look shoes are amazing - you can't go wrong with either of there stuff! :D
    i enjoyed watching your vlog on holiday - seemed like you had an awesome time & a belated congrats on your degree! :D

  3. Very cute top! I love bright bags for the summer! xx Rena

    Kiss and Make Up

  4. Lovely outfit! You look great :)x

  5. Love this outfit! The crop top was such a bargain and also I love your shorts- High waisted Levi's are so timeless x

  6. you look gorgeous! my fave fashion staple would either be my shorts or a floaty summer dress :D xx

  7. Love the shorts, love your hair colour, is it natural, if not how do you get it like that i wanna go blonde, but i have dark hair and think it would destroy my hair?


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