Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Tantastic Trio: Tan enhancing Suncream, Oil & Aftersun

As I write this blog post I'm wearing sandals, a vest top and a floral dipped hem skirt...with no jacket or umbrella on stand by. No I'm not on holiday, it just so happens that England is experiencing a rare weather condition called sunshine this week! As this doesn't happen very often I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on products that will enhance the natural tan you can go and pick up at the park tomorrow. I actually tried and tested all these products on my holiday to Spain and I owe them a lot of credit for the tan I'm sporting right now...

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze- As much as skipping the sun cream may seem a tempting way to fast track a tan, we all know the reality is a lobster like complexion followed by scaly lizard skin. So instead you should buy a sun cream like this one from Nivea which contains a natural plant extract which helps support skin's own melanin production aka tanning ability. This means that over time your tan goes much deeper than it would on it's own and I really noticed I tanned incredibly quickly and deeply whilst using this every day on holiday. I did also do a bit of burning particularly on my chest area but that was because I got cocky and only bought factor 20. Silly Meg...This is also clear, easily absorbed and although it does cost about £12 I got mine half price.
Malibu Dry Oil Spray-I know the words 'sun' and 'oil' shouldn't really be put anywhere near each other, but this does contain SPF even if it is a low one and I'd only recommend using this on places you don't easily burn once you've already got your base tan. I did just this in Spain and it allowed me to get the most colour out of my last few days of sun and now I am pretty tanned it's what I've been using back in England. Aside from the fact this really helps you tan quickly, it also smells divine and as it's a dry oil you don't even have to rub it in once you've sprayed it making it perfect for on the go application (and sneakily spraying at your boyfriend's arms when he insists he won't burn). All this at only about £3 from Savers, this is a heatwave and holiday must have.
Garnier Ombre Solaire After Sun- A good aftersun is another tanning essential as there's no point spending hours on a lounger getting golden to have it all peel off again the next week. This one is brilliant (thanks to Beth for making me buy it!) as it contains a tiny bit of fake tan to help maintain and enhance the colour you've already got going on. I applied this everyday on holiday and am still using it pretty much everyday after I shower back home and after every application I notice it makes my tan deeper but without the usual smell, patchiness and orange tones of a usual fake tan. I've also had very minimal peeling and dry patches and any burn I did have now has a golden olive tone. This is now half price at £3.74 in Boots too, GO GO GO!

What are your summer skin essentials?


  1. When I've been on holiday I've always used a high SPF suntan lotion and after sun is an essential!never used tanning oil though!im rather pale so I'd probably end up frazzled by the sun!:)

  2. I'd love to use the Dry Oil spray in my inner fore arms because I have trouble getting tan there x

  3. I really love the Nivea Suncream, it makes such a difference to my tan colour! Cute pics xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. thanks for these tips Meg, really useful! I'm hopeless at getting a tan on holiday so I'll be sure to try these out :) xx

  5. The garnier after sun looks and sounds amazing definitely something I need to pick up before my next holiday!

    Pipp x

  6. very nice:)
    follow each other ?


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