Monday 10 June 2013

Miracle Macadamia

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'm going to talk about a haircare brand that has been causing quite a stir in beauty blogger land recently, Macadamia. I first tried the Macadamia hair oil as an alternative to Moroccan oil last year and really loved it, so I was a very happy bunny when they decided to send me some other bits from their range. The website describes their products as having 'an exclusive blend of macadamia & argan oil that give you a result so wonderful it could only come from nature' and if a product can give my dyed, heat abused frizz bomb hair a wonderful result then it's quite a miracle so here are my thoughts on the range along with links to all the products in case you want to try them out yourself...

As you may know I have naturally curly hair that I straighten then re-curl every time I wash it (I promise this makes sense to me) so I was very excited about the promise that this brush could straighten my hair as I blow dry it and also loved that it came in different sizes depending on hair length. I think the fault with this product lays more with my technique than the brush itself as I imagine a hair dresser could easily use this transform my frizzy mane to sleek salon hair, but I definitely need to get more practise! My housemate Rosie loves using this to sort out her fringe though so I think it'd be great on less unruly hair. 
This has to be by far my favourite product of the range as the oil is so thick it feels as though it's really nourishing your hair, but it still doesn't weigh it down. I apply this to the lengths and ends of my hair before blow drying and sometimes after and it makes it feel much softer and smoother and look shiner and healthier. It does market at a similar price to Moroccan oil but a little goes a long way and I do think a good hair oil is a must have if you've got damaged, dry hair that is exposed to hair dye or abused by heat tools.
This is also one of the thickest hair masques I've tried which is a consistency I really like as it feels as though it's doing a lot more than your average conditioner. This thick product certainly makes your hair feel like silk in the shower and also lives up to it's claims of restoring damaged hair with elasticity and shine. However, I did find that I could still feel the product in my hair after I'd washed it out which left it feeling a bit weighed down and difficult to style so I'd recommend this more for voluminous light hair that needs extra control.  
I've always been a drugstore girl when it comes to hairspray as I use it on a daily basis and can't really afford to spend the £17 this costs every few weeks. That said, if you do have the extra cash to spend and want a hairspray that doesn't leave residue in the hair, giving it lasting control that you can brush out and rework the next day then this is great. I also really love the green floral print packaging and it doesn't have that Elnett granny scent either. Always a plus. 

Have you tried anything from the Macadamia range?

Since finishing my degree on Wednesday I've spent the last few days clearing up the house, going on goodbye nights out and feeling very emotional! I officially moved out yesterday and I must say I'm pretty heartbroken to be away from all my uni friends and the fun student lifestyle. I'm off on holiday next week though so I won't get too depressed about being unemployed and stuck home alone just yet...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Love Meg


  1. There Hair oil is definitely something I have wanted to try. Sounds quite amazing here.

    Pipp xx

  2. I am absolutely dying to try something, anything, from the macadamia range! I can see a splurge coming on soon because I want everything! Great reviews :)

    I've gave you a follow back.. Taylor xxx

  3. I need to try this range soo bad!
    I keep hearing lovely things about it!

  4. Haha the whole moving out and deciding what to dthing can be a bit of a pain! I'm there with ya now!


  5. I'd love to try these, they sound great!! Think I'll definitely have to start saving up my pennies for them :)
    Congratulations on finishing your degree by the way! I'm starting at Sheffield Uni this September and I'm so excited/nervous, haha!


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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