Friday 7 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: The Failsafe Five (For Her)

Hello Lovelies!

Now it's December and less than 20 days until the big day (17 to be exact) I thought it was about time I  wrote some properly festive posts, starting with my first gift guide. I know a lot of people get stressed about buying the right present for their loved ones at this time of year so I thought I'd do a little series called 'The Failsafe Five' which will consist of five present ideas that in my opinion any girl/boy would be happy to open on Christmas morning. I've also tried to pick things that can be as affordable or as expensive as you want to cater for all budgets, so I hope this helps to take the stress out of shopping (and makes more time for those Starbucks gingerbread lattes)...

1. Soap and Glory Gift Sets: No matter how expensive her taste, I don't know any girl that doesn't love Soap and Glory. It is undoubtedly the best smelling and prettiest packaged body brand around and makes such an affordable present as not only can you pick up a set like this 'Small Wonders' gift box for only £10 but it's nearly always on 3 for 2 at Boots.
2. Bottles of Baileys: A great gift for tom boys and girly girls alike, even if she's not a big drinker Bailey's can also be used to make delicious deserts and hot chocolates. And with flavours like mint chocolate and creme caramel for only £12 it's like an exciting grown up answer to a terry's chocolate orange (even though they are totally welcome in my stocking too).
3.Pandora Jewellery: Of course any jewellery would put a smile on most girl's faces, but buying something that comes complete with a Pandora box and bag is a particularly good choice as it's a name every lady knows and loves and also offers some more affordable pieces and bracelets that you can personalise with charms like these to make them super special.
 4. Benefit Beauty Boxes: You can be assured that on every girl's wish list there will be some form of make up, however it's not always easy to get the right thing without ruining the surprise or spending about £30 on the wrong shade of Nars blusher (Because yes there is a huge difference between 'Orgasm' and 'Super Orgasm', obviously), which is why these Benefit sets are so great because they're from a greatly coveted high end brand and allow you to try out lots of different products. They also work out more cheaply than buying individual bits with this 'She's So Jetset' coming in at a very reasonable £29.50. 
5. Yankee Candles: I'm aware that not every lady wants to own enough make up to kit out several faces a day which is why I think Yankee Candles make a perfect gift for almost every girl and the more mature woman too. Because everyone likes to smell nice things right? They also come in lovely glass bottles and come in so many different scents that you could spend all day sniffing their yumminess and still not know which one to get (I've had this problem many a time in Clintons)!

I hope you enjoyed that first gift guide and that your Christmas shopping is going well! Mine isn't going anywhere at the moment as I came down with a horrible sickness bug yesterday and have done nothing since but watch day time tele and nibble at dry crackers. I've already missed two nights out because of it so I'm really hoping to get myself better by tomorrow so I can start enjoying the last week of uni festiveness. I hope you're all feeling a lot better than me!

Love Meg


  1. I definitly agree with you pandora charms/bracelets are the way to go!

  2. I love this. I'd be happy to receive any of the gifts in this post! Definitely picking up some Baileys and the S&G gift set.

    Laura xo

  3. Perfect selection I would love any of these things! XO

  4. Yep, I'd be more than happy to receive any of those! x

  5. This is such a great guide, I know I'd be super happy to receive any of these :D I got my first yankee candle for my birthday and I'm so obsessed with it! Hope you feel better soon <3
    Love Holly x

  6. I'd be happy with any of these :') Are we really that predictable? x

  7. This is the perfect selection. I'd love to receive any of these :)

  8. Such great ideas! I love the beauty boxes... I actually want one for myself haha

  9. Thanks for such a good blog posting some good ideas regarding a big day which is gonna arrive this month....Thanks a lot for your gift ideas...

  10. Out of all the things you listed I think I would love some bottles of Baileys the most! It's so delicious for both drinks and desserts x

  11. Great ideas!

  12. These are brilliant gift ideas!

    Great blog! I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


  13. I've never been a fan of the Pandora charm bracelets but every other girlie I know is! And both Baileys/Yankee Candles would be definite hits with me anyday! :-D Great gift guide!


  14. What a nice selection of gifts! I love Soap and Glory but it's a shame that we don't have it in Mexico. Those candles are fantastic!
    I was wondering if you would like to follow each other? just let me know :)


  15. Nice Collection. Like the Post.

    You got a great Blog.
    WOuld you like to follow each other on GFC (and maybe on FB).
    Just let me know and i´ll follow right back :)

  16. I'm a massive fan of Soap and Glory, it's always the go to for presents for my friends and family. Love the Benefit box too, I'd be happy to get any thing from the range for Christmas! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  17. Makeup and candles are definitely on my wish list! x


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