Sunday 11 May 2014

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

Strawberry Beautifying Oil // £9 // The Body Shop

Any of you that keep up with my day to day (oh so thrilling) adventures on Twitter or Instagram will know that I spend a fair amount of my time travelling. Not exactly sun filled jet setting unfortunately, but last weekend I was in Sheffield with my uni friends, this weekend I'm in London with my boyfriend followed by a working week in Chelmsford and next weekend I'm back at home in Kent with my family and home girls. Given that my life has been like this for the past four years you'd think I'd be pretty good at packing by now, however my beauty addiction has somewhat hindered this being a reality and more often than not I'm late for my train due to trying to squeeze my entire blush collection, four different heat tools and a six part skincare routine into my suitcase. So I was very happy to receive this little travel friendly gem from Santa last Christmas- a mini multi purpose bottle of beauty gold also known as The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil. To a normal person who manages to pack less than a year's worth of products for two nights, an oil probably doesn't seem essential, but this lovely lightweight blend of nut oils can be used for so many things it actually helps reduce the size of my beauty bag. For starters it makes a great light yet nourishing hair oil that can be used before or after blowdrying. I have a classic case of frizzy dry ends so this is a godsend for adding moisture and keeping them looking sleek/healthy on the go. It's also fabulous for hydrating the face and body, so you can drop the night cream and body butter in favour of a small squirt of this (little goes a long way folks). As it's a dry easily absorbed oil with illuminating properties it'll keep you more glowy than greaseball too. How technical... Being a person with a penchant for cuddling cats and dancing into outdoor heaters I also have a few scars that I need to look after, so this effectively takes the place of bio oil when I'm out and about. I'm actually quite a fan of the sweet strawberry scent, but you can choose from lots of other scents like shea, olive and mango if you prefer something a bit more subtle. So if you are on the move anytime soon I'd head to Body Shop, purchase this for £9 and pop that kitchen sink away... 

What are your travel beauty secrets?


  1. The orange version of this is amazing x

  2. I love that you like this oil, me too! I work for the body shop and rave about it daily lol... My faves are mango and coconut. My mum loves popping it into the bath too! Love, love, love your blog btw meg :) xxx

  3. love! must get

  4. This is the second post this week I've seen on this! Looks so good, I gotta try it!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  5. Love multi-use products, will definitely check this out!

    Becca from Becca Said x

  6. 'Pop that kitchen sink away' made me smile, I can so relate to that! Whenever I go anywhere I literally have a 'what if this happens' mentality and end up sitting on my suitcase to close it... I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop but I never knew they did their strawberry scent in an oil, what a gem! I'm obsessed with a good oil at the moment so I'll have to pop in to grab one! Thanks for the recommendation! Lovely post and lovely blog too.

  7. This sounds amazing! I have the coconut and sweet lemon oils and I adore them... I must try this scent next! YUM! xxxx

  8. Ooo I love these so much, I have the grapefruit one at the moment :) I use it as a face mask overnight & find it helps so much with keeping blemishes at bay & spot scarring :)
    Love Holly x

  9. i love the body shop products, may have to add this to my list! x


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