Sunday 25 May 2014

May Bloglovin'

Hey Guys! I'm Megan and I run My Pretty Apparel. I absolutely love blogging and can't think of a better way to spend a night in than getting all cosy reading through my favourite blogs (okay, maybe throw a Chinese takeaway in there too?). My blog is mainly beauty based but every now and again I feature the odd fashion or lifestyle post too. Please check out my blog and do leave a comment as I love meeting new bloggers! I'm also slightly obsessed with Instagram, so you can find me there too!

Hi everyone! So a brief intro about me... my name is Lucy, I am 21 and training to be a beauty and makeup artist. I am starting at The Session School in June which I am so excited about! I love beauty and love trying new products and experimenting with different looks. I wanted to start a blog to try and document my journey so I can look back and share any good tips I pick up along the way. I have some exciting things in the pipeline so will be sharing them with everyone. I will also be including bits of lifestyle such as recipes and any fashion finds.

So why Lulabel and not Lucy? Well it was one of many childhood nicknames my Mum gave me and when I was thinking of blog names it just kinda stuck!!

I have two younger brothers and the best dog ever called Wilbur, I am sure all 3 of them will be featuring on the blog! I also have Cystic Fibrosis which will probably make its way on the blog too - this is a first for me as I have always been pretty reserved when it comes to my health! My health has greatly improved over the last year,  however it still gets in the way of life and I had to leave uni early as my health couldn't cope with it. I guess if you haven't heard about Cystic Fibrosis or you want to know more check out the CF trust website.

Hi I'm Aimee from Aimee Loves. I started my blog in January this year after realising that i needed to justify my ever growing stash of beauty bits. My main focus is beauty, but i do like to sneak in the occasional baking or lifestyle post. I love having my own space on the web where I can chat about what I love, there is something quite therapeutic about it really. I have loved my blogging journey so far and how its turned out, I hope that you will too!

Make sure to give these lovely ladies a read & let me know if you'd like a home in my sidebar next month!

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  1. great idea


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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