Tuesday 11 March 2014

The Weekender #1

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Sometimes weekends are too good not to share, so I thought I'd start 'The Weekender' where I put the past few days into photos and parcel sized sections. Enjoy!

Go | I got to spend most of this sunny weekend in London and went to places such as The Savoy, Carnaby Street, Shepherd's Bush, Spitalfields Market, Buckingham Palace and my boyfriend's house. 
Do | This weekend was an extended one with fun work times on Thursday and a day off Friday so I managed to do rather a lot! The highlights were attending The Hut Group Prestige Beauty Awards, having dinner with my uni besties, indulging in a little Topshop trip, seeing Temples at Shepherds Bush and Brow Arch Marching with my main ladies on Sunday!
Meet | I feel like I managed to see just about everyone in one weekend as I stayed with my boyfriend, met up with both my uni besties and home girls and even met gorgeous Chelsea girl, Caggie Dunlop #fangirlmoment Special mention to a lovely subscriber I met called Isabelle and the lovely Pav for buying me tequila shots and Jagerbombs on Saturday...
Eat | I ate some really spectacular food (hence this week's health kick) and now can't recommend Bryon's and Breakfast Club enough. Bryon's does the best burgers and their Oreo milkshakes are to die for, whilst Breakfast Club is probably the coolest place on the planet- I got to my table by walking through a fridge and then coated all of my food- including eggs and bacon- in maple syrup. Need I say more?
Wear | As you can see from the photos above I'm keeping things simple and bold at the moment with my Zara pleather skort making an appearance at the Beauty Awards and Temples gig and Spring pastels and neons getting thrown into the mix on top. Essie 'Fiji' has also reappeared on my nails and is showing no sign of leaving again...
Buy | Not too much spending to report, but I may have given in to a certain neon yellow sweater from Topshop. I blame Lily Pebbles.
Love | Sunny weather, pink brow glasses, daffodils on my coffee table, my girls, strolling down Carnaby Street, lay ins with the boy, neon yellow, pancakes/milkshakes, Essie 'Fiji', raising money, my job, hearing my favourite songs live.

How was your Weekender?


  1. what a lovely idea for a post, i look forward to reading more like this xx



  2. love

  3. Congrats on the brow march! can't believe you met Caggie Dunlop too!
    I like this idea for a post :D


  4. I love reading this type of post. Seems like you had a great time :) X


  5. This type of post is my favourite; well jel of you going to the brow march though! xx


  6. Such a lovely post, looks like you had a good time x

    ♥ elín from elin likes


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