Friday 25 January 2013

Products Worth the Hype: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Hey Girls!

In my opinion I have rather problematic hair, it's naturally very curly and frizzy (I used to look a lot like Hermione Granger film one) and has never had the silk or shine of the Jennifer Aniston glossy girls I get hair envy over. I also dye it blonde and use a serious amount of heat on it after every wash so I'm hardly helping the situation. This is why I get so excited when a product genuinely makes a difference to my hair. Enter my new hair saviour: The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer*...

As blogging hype goes this product has had it's fair share and is also a favourite of Lily Melrose, which naturally means I had high expectations when I found this mini bottle in my goody bag after the Cosmo blog awards. At over £20 for a full size tub this product is on the very expensive side of hair care, which actually makes it rather annoying that it's so worth the hype as I know I'll want to repurchase this when it runs out! Onto the actual product then, this is an intensive pre-shampoo treatment that is supposed to revive your scalp and hair giving it elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine after just one use. Before applying this I tend to dampen my hair using a spray bottle filled with water (the wetter your hair the less effective treatments are so try to just dampen it or really squeeze out the water), then I apply about a 50 pence piece sized amount of this concentrating on my ends and stopping just before my roots. I then cover my hair with a plastic bag (nice mental image for you there) as I don't own a plastic cap and wrap my head in a towel to keep it all in place and warm too as heat can intensify the results hair treatments give. As my hair needs lots of loving I leave this on for about 20 minutes probably once a week and I've really noticed the difference. It leaves my troublesome and mistreated hair feeling soft, volumised, manageable and moistorised, as well as helping to keep my bottle blonde bright. I made sure to use this before going to the hair dressers last week (I went to Hair Kandi in Sheffield centre, which is somewhere I'd really recommend) and my hair dresser did comment on the fact that my hair didn't feel damaged and was a lovely shade. Below is a photo of how it looked after using the elasticizer, as well as having my roots refreshed and a nice cut. It feels so much better now and is the nice light ashy shade I love, I also had it shaped around my face a lot more with some bangs and shorter layers without having too much off the length, Mollie King eat your heart out...

Today I've been having a lovely warm chill out at home as I travelled back yesterday to have a weekend with my boyfriend, going to pick him up from the station soon so I best be off to make myself look presentable (it's definitely been a duvet day). Please let me know of any hair treatments you think really work, preferably on the more budget side and have a wonderful weekend!

Love Meg


  1. Darling your hair looks gorgeous and I now HAVE to try this product - I have naturally curly hair and have a problem when trying to blow dry it smooth so this sounds like it could help! Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Eda ♥

  2. I haven't heard of this before but it sounds really good! I have to be so careful with which products I use on my hair as it's so fine and gets oily super quickly, I got morrocanoil for christmas and even that is weighing it down :(
    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful, I love the colour so much :D
    Love Holly x

  3. This is fantastic hair product... Plus it was created for Audrey Hepburn... If it was good enough for her, it's good enough for me. ;) x

  4. This sounds like a miracle hair is too often neglected and abused. This could be the answer to getting and keeping it in a good condition. Thanks for sharing!

  5. your hair is gorgeous, so want to try this! always heard good things :) x

  6. stunning!


  7. Ooh ur hair is gorgeous! I still have my sample to try out too, its still sat in my goody bag after the cosmo awards night! But will def dig it out this week! :)

  8. Oh my, your hair is so pretty!
    Nice review :)

  9. Wow your hair looks ah-mazing - I love Mollie Sats hair too, good hair inspiration! I can't believe I've only just discovered your blog, it's so good to find other bloggers in Sheffield. I hear Hair Kandi is amaze too, I go to Wigs & Warpaint around the corner.

    Your hair naturally sounds like mine - my hair is seriously wavy and I have highlights so it's always in need of shine. Will definitely be checking out the Philip Kingsley product.

    Hannah Hop over and check out my Neom giveaway!


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