Thursday 3 January 2013

New Year, New Resolutions

Hello Lovelies!

I thought that this afternoon I'd finally get round to having a look at how well I did with last years resolutions and have a go at making some new ones, last years post is here if you want to have a look at the whole thing, but all of lasts years resolutions are below along with the tell tale ticks and crosses to show you how well I did...


My 2012 Resolutions:
1. Pass my second year of uni with a good grade 
2. Be better with money x
3. Find a healthy eating and exercise regime I can actually  keep up all year round x
4. Grow my hair super long 
5. Read more books x
6. Put more time and effort into my blog (and maybe start a youtube channel?) 
7. Become the owner of a Mac lipstick and Urban Decay eye shadow palette 
8. Visit my friends at their unis 
9. Be tidier and more organised
10. Cook different recipes from scratch more often 
11. Sort out what I'm going to do with my life once I graduate 

I'm actually pretty happy with achieving 8 out of 11 of these! Okayy so I'm aware my hair isn't quite super long yet and I could still be tidier but I've definitely improved so I'm ticking it hahaa But anyway now onto the top ten things I hope to achieve this year...

1. Graduate from uni with a 2:1 (okay so I'd love a first but lets get realistic here)
2. Get out of my overdraft and stay out
3. Get a job that I love in the magazine or PR industry or at least get some great work experience
4. Make more time to read books and magazines cover to cover
5. Change my eating and fitness habits so I can feel great all year round
6. Save up for and buy an Olympus Pen camera that I can blog and do videos with
7. Grow my blog and youtube channel, develop their design and hit more milestones
8. Make sure my nails look gorgeous at all times
9. Now my hair's longer get it cut and coloured the exact way I want
10. Have as many amazing times with my family, friends and boyfriend as possible

I'd also love to meet up with some of the amazing girls I've met through blogging this year so fingers crossed some sort of big meet up can happen soon. For now though it's back to trying to achieve that first goal of this year by writing my stupid horrible essays, honestly dead poets make rubbish company and my cat isn't helping much either...

Have a much more fun night than I am everyone and please let me know what your resolutions for 2013 are!

Love Meg


  1. I feel your pain on the essay point. Im 'meant' to be writing mine too. xx

  2. such a good list of goals - and realistic ones too! good luck and happy new year :) ox

  3. wow 8 out of 11 is pretty good!!

    I've domes my resolutions post too here: resolutions


  4. Awww your cat!!! Well done on last years resolutions and good luck with this years! I love Number 8 haha xx

  5. You did really well last year! Good luck this year :) xxx

  6. That's a good list! got a few idea's for new years resolutions! lol x x

  7. Well done - 8 out of 11 is really really good!
    I've got all my teaching plans to write least 6000 words hanging over my head so I feel your dead poet essay pain :-(
    Good luck!

  8. 8 out of ten is fantastic! Well done, hope I achieve that this year, heres my post

    Elle xxxx

  9. Lovely post! Some of the goals are the same as mine! Especially to be better with money! I'm terrible!

    F x

  10. lovely post and happy new year! x

  11. 7 is also a goal of mine, good luck with everything x

  12. Aww Meg these sound really good resolutions :) i hope you do well with your uni grade :) I still don't know what i want to do with my career path :(

    Plus i'm the same with putting more effort into my blog this year & a blogger meet-up sounds amazing to go to :)

    aww your cat is so cute too! my cat is the same, it must be the heat of the laptop they love so much haha :)

    I've done a resolutions post over on my blog :)


  13. Great resolutions, you did very well achieving 8 out 11 of last years xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  14. You did pretty well with last years resolutions Meg! :)
    I also need to keep myself out of my student overdraft this year!
    & MEET UP definitely a new years resolution - i really think the summer would be a fabulous time to do one..we should try and arrange one!

    the Olympus Pen is soo good.. my friend has one and it focuses amazingly well :) Cant wait for another year of reading your blog its always been one of my favourites from day 1 <3

    lots of love xx


Thank you for making me a happy bunny!

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