Monday 29 September 2014

Zoella Beauty | Launch Party & Interview

If you had shown me the top photo a year ago (borrowed from I would have been convinced that I'd been photo-shopped into it. But no, last Thursday I genuinely did stand in the middle of five of my ultimate blogging idols and pose for a photo at the candy coloured wonderland that was the Zoella Beauty launch party! Equally if you'd have told me one of my videos would feature interviewing Zoe herself I may have broken down slightly (make that a lot. Which actually did happen when I found out I was going to interview her. Always keepin' it cool me.), but yet again I had to calm down and really film a video for Feel Unique which consists of me chatting with Zoella on her hotel bed. The full interview is now on the Feel Unique YouTube channel so make sure you subscribe to them and see that, but I also got to include lots of fun snippets in today's vlog which I hope you enjoy. I can't tell you how lovely Zoe was, instantly putting me at ease and making the whole thing such a wonderful experience- as if you needed any more reasons to love her! 

The launch party itself is also well documented in my video but I wanted to include some snaps here too as the whole thing was too pretty not to share- you can see macaroons and balloons were key features! Obviously the whole point of all of this was to celebrate the arrival of the Zoella Beauty range which is live on feelunique now and I'm pleased to report Zoe has hit the nail on the head with this debut collection. A seven piece selection of the ultimate pamper products, all ridiculously affordable at 5-8 pounds and in the prettiest packaging I've come across. I know I'm slightly older than the teenage target market but the scents are genuinely lovely- fruity and floral without being too sweet and the beauty bags are just super cute as well as being super practical. My stand out products are the 'let's glow' candle which is just waiting to be instagrammed on picturesque bedside tables and the fizz bar which I can't get enough of for the chocolate bar packaging alone. 

I can see these little 'me time' gems being stuffed into every girls stocking at Christmas this year. If they haven't bought the whole range already that is!

What do you think of Zoe's debut range?


  1. These look like gorgeous products, I really want to pick some up! x

  2. Love it, I can't wait to watch your interview & vlogs! Though I have been having some trouble finding informative reviews about the Zoella products. Have you seen any/tried them?

  3. Congratulations that you're getting to do all this!
    I think the range looks amazing, definitely something I'd gravitate towards if I saw it in store :)

  4. Hello Meg' ! I saw the video and I'm so happy for you ! An amazing job, meeting Zoe, doing well with your blog .. That is so so cool ! :) I met Zoe once too and I agree with you she is the loveliest of them all ! :) I wish I could be invited to that party too but I live in France and I'm not such a popular blogger :)
    You are inspiring me a lot anyway !

    Love from France, Victoria

  5. Everything looks so cute! I'm so happy for Zoe she deserves it so much.
    Great Post, Beautiful Blog.
    Kate x

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