Tuesday 30 April 2013

Man of the Month: Mr April

Hey Everyone!

Since starting my blog nearly two years ago I've had an increasing amount of my male friends complain about having to read posts on primer and powder because I don't include boy content for them. Obviously as I write a beauty blog it's always going to be aimed mostly at the ladies, but I've decided to start being more inclusive and do some posts for the 'lads' as well (my guy friends like to be called lads even though we've all just done a production of FAME...) So here is my first 'Man of the month' post where I will focus on male fashion and grooming and hopefully you girls will enjoy it too. Meet my lovely housemate Nick, also known as Mr April.

T-shirt- Cloak at Ark
Hoody- Sheffield Uni
Denim Jacket- Vintage Levi
Jeans- Dr Denim at Urban Outfitters
Belt- Topman
Trainers- Nike

Style: This outfit pretty much sums up Nick's style as he loves to wear simple staple items he can mix up in lots of different ways. The denim jacket was a recent addition to his wardrobe as he felt it was something he just needed to own and I do love the way he's rocking a subtle double denim here to give it a bit of a retro 90's feel.  He also swears by skinny jeans and Nike trainers or high tops, as well as wearing mainly muted colours (although as his housemate I know he always wears the brightest coloured socks!). He doesn't have any style icons or follow trends that much (although I also know Proudlock comes up in conversation rather alot), but he does get inspiration from Svpply which is a website where you can browse products and stores and create your own profile of things you like. It's a really cool site, particularly for fashion-phobic guys and Nick's profile is here if you want to have a look. 
Grooming: Grooming wise I think it's all about the hair for Nick as he was even nicknamed 'Nick O'Quiff' in first year! The quiff has calmed down quite a bit since then, but he still likes his hair longer on top and uses V05 Matte Clay to structure it and keep it in place all day. He even said the matte clay could be his Holy Grail hair product which is great as it's in keeping with the Budget Boutique and won't damage the wallets of cash strapped students. And neither will his everyday skincare products which are the Nivea for men face wash and aftershave balm, which Nick uses alongside his Babyliss i-stubble. 
Lifestyle: To finish this little 'man of the month' section I asked Nick for a list of his favourite lifestyle things to give you an idea of his interests and things you might want to check out...TV- How I Met Your Mother, Wanted Down Under, Friends, Great British Menu Hobbies- football, cricket, cooking, musical theatre, photography, blogging, advertising Music- Dry the River, Bastille, alt-J, Ben Howard, Kings of Convenience, Two Door Cinema Club Films- Taken, Up, Inception

I hope you enjoyed my new man feature whether you're a female or male reader and thanks so much to Nick for being my first volunteer! I've had a very busy time the past few days finishing our run of FAME and starting the mountain of work that has been piling up on my desk. I had a lovely day of doing nothing but eating roast dinner in my pj's with about ten of my uni friends on Sunday though and tonight Nick is filming a 'my male friend does my make up' video with me so it's not all bad!

I hope you're all having a lovely week!
Love Meg


  1. Such a nice idea (and he's pretty dishy too) xx

  2. love this idea, bless your male mates wanting to get involved haha! scarily have all the same favourite bands as him plus I love all the films and tv shows.. go nick! x


  3. Amazing idea Meg! Really enjoyed reading :) xxx.

  4. I absoutely loved this!! can't wait for the next one!! :D xx Em


  5. This is a great idea for a post, I think it'll be brilliant if males become a bit more prominent in the blogging world :) He has a really cool style, my boyfriend could learn a thing or two from him :P
    Love Holly x

  6. Such a great idea! I enjoyed reading it :)


  7. Great post, Nick has fab style, loving the denim jacket and he like to cook?! He's definitely a gooden! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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